Kakha Kaladze: I very much hope that the negotiations will be successful and all parties will make the right decision

03.12.20 11:30

Kakha Kaladze, Secretary General of the Georgian Dream, hopes that the talks with the opposition will "end positively and successfully." He also responded to statements by members of the opposition, where they noted that the government was trying make the opposition enter the parliament by delaying the court hearings.

According to Kakhi Kaladze, the postponement of the trials of Nika Melia, Nika Gvaramia, Irakli Okruashvili and Gigi Ugulava is not related to the issue of entering the Parliament.


"I do not understand what it has to do with entering the parliament. Statements were made in this regard today, we all saw what was the reason for the postponement of the processes. As for entering the parliament, you know that negotiations have been going on for a long time. I very much hope that these negotiations will end positively and successfully. I hope all political parties will make the right decision to enter parliament, which is very important for the democratic development of the country", - said Kaladze.


For reference, in addition to Nika Melia and Nika Gvaramia, the court hearings of Irakli Okruashvili and Gigi Ugulava have also been postponed. The hearings were supposed to take place from December 7 to December 15.


source: IPN 

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