UNM member Nika Melia doubt in US Ambassador’s sincere support of democratic values in Georgia

02.12.20 12:00

Nika Melia, a member of the United National Movement (UNM), expects that the Ambassadors of the strategic partner countries of Georgia will not say white is black, whoever they are.


“We observe the largest part of the population, NGOs, opposition parties, and, most important, people realize that the election process in the country failed. We observe the country being informally one-man governed, free media being persecuted from time to time, people are taken captive, and after that, they bargain with us. If the ambassadors do not see these processes and claim that this is not happening, I think I have the right to disagree with the sincerity of this ambassador’s support towards my country,“ Nika Melia said.
“If ambassadors do not try to uphold the western democratic values, ensure freedom of speech, holding of elections and help the country escape the oligarchic swamp,” Nika Melia wonders, “what sort of allies are you?”


“If there was a Russian embassy in our country and due to his political interests the Russian ambassador says: “This is nonsense. What oligarch are you talking about? Didn’t you have the elections? You did and some observers even reported it was held in a proper way”. “In this case, forgive me, what’s the difference?” Nika Melia asks.


There is McDonald’s everywhere, in Yaroslavl, Yessentuki, and Kislovodsk too. We want to strengthen Western values in this country and want our children to have the future. I seriously doubt any person’s sincerity, when they turn their back on all of these”,  Melia said.


“Why don’t we like the Russian Federation? It is because there is no election there too, it is also ruled by an oligarchic regime, and Putin is proclaimed the king alive. That is unacceptable. But what if civilization and democratic values come from the Russian Federation? I think the US and EU ambassadors should think seriously about the challenges they face. The wrong stance here is a betrayal of strategic relations because this undermines the historic process. How can I convince my voters of what I assured them before? How can I say that the US ambassador to this country is the defender of democracy when I still have not heard the clear voice that I should have heard from her. It plays into the hands of the Russian Federation,” Melia said.




source: 1TV

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