Tengiz Tsertsvadze is hospitalized due to deteriorating health  

20.11.20 10:05

The General Director of the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Tengiz Tsertsvadze, who was diagnosed with coronavirus a few days ago, has been hospitalized.


According to the press service, he has a rise in temperature to 38.0 degrees; bilateral computed tomography examination of the chest and chest organs revealed pneumonia.


"The health condition of Tengiz Tsertsvadze, General Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases and AIDS, has deteriorated on the sixth day of the illness. His temperature rose to 38.0 degrees. Computed tomography examination of the thoracic organs revealed bilateral Covid pneumonia. Examination of the immune system reveals a significant deterioration in cellular and humoral immunity. Since Tengiz Tsertsvadze falls into double high-risk category - due to his age and Arachnoid lymphoma as well as a serious immunodeficiency condition - he was hospitalized. He was injected with two 100 mg vials of the antiviral drug Remedsivir at a time. He will continue his treatment in the clinic in the coming days and his treatment will be determined by the condition of the clinical and laboratory parameters", - reads the statement.


As for Tengiz Tsertsvadze's wife, Ana Topuria, her health condition is satisfactory and she continues her treatment at home.



source: IPN 

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