Giorgi Gakharia: There will be no more strict restrictions or closure in the country

18.09.20 10:15

According to Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, despite the fact that the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing daily, there will be no more strict restrictions or closure in the country. As he explained at today's meeting of the government, the main priority now is to achieve rapid recovery of the country's economy.


"Recently, we have a clearly increasing tendency in the number of infections, however, the situation is fully under control and, most importantly, it is manageable. We have always said that with lifting the restrictions, including economic restrictions, the number of infected people would increase, as elsewhere, all over the world. Therefore, we have always said that the main task is to adapt to the virus and to learn to coexist with it. I would also like to emphasize that at the first stage, the strict measures, restrictions and state of emergency were aimed at saving the lives of dozens of our citizens, because there was no knowledge about the virus at that time.



Today, not only in Georgia, but all over the world, knowledge about the virus is much greater, which allows us to continue living normally, despite the increasing figures," - said Gakharia.


According to the Prime Minister, the main task of the government today is to recover economy as quickly as possible and to protect the health of citizens.


"Today the priority is to quickly recover economy and this is impossible to achieve without following certain rules. These are simple rules: mask, social distancing, hygiene, etc. We should all learn to live with the virus. Unfortunately, until the problem of the virus is solved globally, through vaccines or other means, it will be impossible for a single country to defeat the virus," Gakharia said.


According to him, no strict, systemic restrictions are planned to be imposed in Georgia.


"I want to emphasize that there will be no more strict closures or restrictions. A key component of our adaptation policy is that at this stage we must fight the spread of the virus in a targeted manner. There may be some local restrictions, but strict, systemic restrictions will not be imposed in the country any more," Gakharia said.


source: IPN

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