Armenian media attacked

06.03.20 14:20 has recently become the target of attacks from a number of Armenian resources - the Bagramyan Telegram channel26 and the Infoteka24 site. The mentioned Armenian resources say that allegedly belongs to Azerbaijanis and is still hysterically accused that allegedly spreads disinformation.


February 17, 2020. Infotech24. "The Bagramyan telegram channel26 warned Armenian Facebook users against a surge of misinformation on the website of Azerbaijani propaganda"


First, some information about the Bagramyan Telegram channel26 and the website.


As for the Bagramyan Telegram channel26, this resource is developed and managed by a group of media managers and journalists serving the interests of the pro-Western Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.


And the site, which operates in the Russian domain zone, as it seems, was created by the Armenian special services, it is coordinated by them, periodically posting materials of a drain, custom-made, tendentious nature, and at times completely merges lies and outright disinformation. This site has the same relevance to Russian interests as Margarita Simonyan - to Russian patriots.


However, this small Armenian site of dubious origin and low professional quality for some reason suddenly became an object of increased citation from such major media resources of Russia as Yandex (General Director Tigran Khudaverdyan) and Sputnik (Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan), especially Sputnik Armenia.


Almost every second click on the network causes the annoying jumping out of Infoteka24 from the supply of the above-mentioned Russian resources. The "secret of success" of Infoteka24 is very simple: The Russian media network, managed by Armenian personnel (in this case Khudaverdyan and Simonyan), promotes the underground Armenian resources, including those associated with the Armenian special services, to circulate propaganda or anti-Azerbaijani materials that are necessary for Armenia. This has nothing to do with the interests of Russia. Russia, Russian media, Russian money and other leverage of Russian influence are skillfully used in the Armenian interests.


This is what writes about. Everything writes about meets Russian, not Armenian or Azerbaijani interests.


Is this disinformation?


When writes that the Armenian lobby under the wing of Lavrov is flourishing in the system of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


When writes that the leading Russian media, the sphere of film production, a number of television channels have come under the control of the Armenian lobby of Russia, and odious figures like Simonyan harm the image of the Russian state-owned media, cutting huge amounts of money from the Russian budget for this.


When writes that Armenian criminal groups took root in the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation.


When writes that the Armenians prevail in the leadership of most of the key state and socio-political structures of Russia, when their impressive number dangerously changes the quality and ethnicity of the personnel in the leadership of Russia.


When writes that in the south of Russia - in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories - there is a compact dominance of Armenians, as well as the beginning of the politicization of the Armenian presence in this region and the threat in the future to face the formation of "Armenian autonomous regions" in the south of Russia.


When writes that in pro-Western Pashinyan’s Armenia has intensified anti-Russian sentiments and have been heroizing the fascists.


When writes that the “outpost” represented by Armenia betrays interests and undermines Russia's integration projects?


Where is the misinformation here? These issues directly affect the interests of Russia. has nothing against the Armenian people. Our publications are directed primarily against the Armenian political network operating in Russia, against those influential and numerous representatives of the Armenian diaspora of Russia who lies, rob, uses and harm the interests of Russia, as well as against those Armenian politicians in Yerevan who raise their country for protests against Russia.


So, this warns against a surge of disinformation on the Armenian resources of Russia, created and managed by the political Armenians, including at the level of the Armenian diaspora of the Russian Federation and such Armenian resource agents as, covering themselves with Russian domains.

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