Air Quality Worsens in Tbilisi

12.06.19 12:40

Air quality has worsened in Georgia’s capital. Non-Governmental Organization “Georgia’s Alliance for Safe Roads” held a presentation showing the results of air quality indicators in Tbilisi.


The Organization has studied the current conditions on Tsereteli Avenue. According to the data, an increased amount of air pollutants is directly related to the growth of traffic.


The concentrations of nitrogen dioxide observed on Tsereteli Avenue were found to be 1.4 times higher than the annual average and the solid particle (PM10) concentration was observed to be 1.4 times higher than the annual average. According to the authors of the study, an increase of nitrogen dioxide concentration compared to the previous years is directly associated with car emissions.


The National Environmental Agency says that dangerous pollutants for human’s health such as nitrogen dioxide - NO2, and solid particles PM2.5 and PM10 are observed in the air.


According to the organization, now is the time when the technical inspection of vehicles should work with complete strictness, transport movement without a catalyst should be prohibited and the traffic control by the Ministry of Internal Affairs should be implemented with special equipment. As for the fuel, according to the research, at this stage, the cars with diesel engines also cause problems.


Recent studies show that atmospheric air in Georgia’s capital is becoming more and more polluted.


The World Health Organization's 2018 report ranked Georgia 70th in the number of deaths caused by air pollution – the worst in Europe.



source: GeorgiaToday/ georgiatoday.ge

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