Elizabeth Rood - I notice Georgia's progress, but now is an important moment on Georgia's democratic path

20.01.20 16:15

“Congress is the legislative branch of the US, therefore, we recommend you to appeal to it for detailed information,” US Chargé d’Affaires Elizabeth Rood said in response to the question regarding Congressman Markwayne Mullin’s letter.


“I would like to underline the great progress Georgia has made, but now is a very important moment on Georgia’s democratic path. I mean the political dialogue that is taking place with the support of the United States, the European Union and the Council of Europe.


This is a very good opportunity for the ruling party and the opposition parties to reach an agreement, make some concessions and get the best model for the development of the country and democracy,” Elizabeth Rood stressed.
CDA Elizabeth Rood added that “electoral reform should envisage OSCE/ODIHR recommendations.”


“Also, it is important that the investigation, the accusation or the trial should be free from the political influence, as this will further strengthen the protection of human rights, as well as promotes an attractive investment climate and at the same time, strengthen our common values,” CDA Elizabeth Rood said.




source: 1TV

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