The future "president" of Abkhazia will be Ruben Tatulyan?

12.11.19 12:55

With what pomposity in the separatist Abkhazia the local Armenian community celebrated its holiday “Amshen” eloquently shows “who is the master” in this Georgian territory.


Armenian nationalists are no longer afraid or embarrassed. If earlier the “Amshen” holiday was held in villages that were still inhabited by Armenians before the 1992-1993 war, this time the holiday was held in the completely “captured” village of Tavisupleba. Until 1993, it was a purely Georgian village. About 2,000 people lived here, among whom Georgians made up over 90% of the population. This village was one of the first where the militants of the battalion named after Baghramyan went on the eve of the capture of Sukhumi and it was here that they committed the most brutal massacre of the Georgian civilian population.


Almost none of the villagers who did not manage to escape escaped from the hands of the Armenian militants. Almost all the houses in the village of Tavisupleba (as well as in neighboring Sukhumi), in which the Armenians live today, are bloody trophies. Their Georgian owners are either expelled or killed by representatives of the “brotherly Christian” people.


And this despite the fact that Armenia is vitally dependent on transit through the territory of Georgia. If this transit stops tomorrow, then Armenia will simply cease to exist.


What can we say about the Abkhazian ethnos, which in no way can influence the Armenians and Armenia. His land is already in fact the “booty” of the Armenian lobby and it no longer hides its plans to establish fully Armenian power in Abkhazia.


The Armenian media have already written openly that the next “president" of separatist Abkhazia will be an Armenian. Here is one of the materials on this subject: “Can Ruben Tatulyan take part in the presidential election in Abkhazia?” (Https://


“In Abkhazia, the issue of participation of the Armenian authority Ruben Tatulyan (Robson) in the presidential election in the republic is actively discussed. The “Zhamanak” newspaper writes about this with reference to its sources in Abkhazia.


“The problem is that the overwhelming majority of Armenians living in Abkhazia cast their votes for opposition candidate Alhas Kvitsinia, and about 5 thousand Armenians living in Sochi voted for incumbent President Raul Khadjimba. Meanwhile, the Armenians of Russia did not have the right to participate in the Abkhaz elections, but they did it... At one time, Robson turned to the Russian authorities with a request to resolve the issue of citizenship of 5,000 Armenians living in Sochi, but was refused.


Meanwhile, the president of Abkhazia, Khadjimba, went to meet Robson: the Armenians living in Sochi will be given Abkhaz citizenship, provided that they will participate in the presidential election in the republic and vote for him. And citizens of Abkhazia to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation are easy, they are easily registered at the passport offices of Sochi and issued Russian passports, "the newspaper writes."


In principle, given that the Armenians already outnumber the Abkhazians in Abkhazia, the election of the same Ruben Tatulyan as a separatist president is a "matter of technology." If not his, then the Armenian lobby may nominate another candidate.


However, there are all indications that Abkhazia “liked” Ruben Tatulyan and did not mind adding his status as “shadow owner of Sochi” with the status of an official “president”, albeit an unrecognized, but “republic of Abkhazia”.


About Ruben Tatulyan, you can find information on the crimerussia resource in the material “Robson - the ruler of the Black Sea coast of Russia” We give the main points of the biography of our "hero":


Ruben Tatulyan, born in 1969, is a Sochi native and a leading representative of the Armenian diaspora in the city, which is actually the shadow ruler of the entire Russian Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Currently, his interests have spread to Crimea, which became part of Russia.


Ruben Tatulyan became a “watchman” from criminals and a successor to the murdered thief in law Ded Hassan. Having received the nickname "Robson", the former athlete with his rigid hand promotes the interests of the criminal world and the Armenian diaspora in all the power structures of the region. Many appointments by security officials and members of the judiciary do not go through without his approval.


In the nineties, Ruben was engaged in driving stolen cars through Abkhazia and made extensive acquaintances in the Abkhaz criminal world. At 29, he was appointed commercial director of the Pearl football club. At the age of 31, Ruben was already elected chairman of the board of directors of the Resort and Health Tourist and Excursion Complex “Vesna”. Shortly before this event, Ruben (already by that time wearing the nickname Robson) met with the young thief in law Alik Minalyan, known in the criminal community under the nickname Alik Sochinski. From that moment, the take-off of Robson’s criminal career began...

At the end of 2009, Alik was “discredited”. The initiator of the “debunking” was Armen Harutyunyan, the right hand of “Ded Hassan”, the leader of the largest organized crime group throughout the south of Russia. Armen Harutyunyan himself died in 2010 from the consequences of a severe form of diabetes.


Robson raised the banner of “looking” from Ded Hassan around the city of Sochi, however, while resolving power issues, Robson still had no influence on the financial life of the city. At the same time, under the auspices of the same Grandfather Hassan, these issues were led by businessman Kagosyan Eduard Rubenovich, known under the nickname Karas...


October 26, 2010 in the Sochi cafe "Aqua House" two motorcyclists who drove up from machine guns killed Karas, firing about 20 shots. After this turn, Robson began to manage the affairs of Ded Hassan, you guessed it.


As for today's official life of Ruben Tatulyan (Robson), he is a secular, respected person, assistant to the State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin, businessman, athlete, president of the Sochi Wrestling Federation and, of course, philanthropist, organizer, charity balls of the Emilia Kazanjyan Foundation (in Monaco).


In addition to Vesna, Tatulyan owns real estate throughout Sochi. Commercial real estate with a total area of about 70 thousand square meters, of which a tenth is the first shopping center in the city, modestly bearing the name "Tatulyan".


From this biography it is clear that Ruben Tatulyan is merciless even to his fellow Armenians when it comes to redistributing the criminal market.


Will he spare his handy Abkhazians and their elite if they become rulers on separatist territory? Especially if the militants of the Baghramyan battalion and the “young shoots” of the local Armenian community armed to the teeth are in their submission? The question is rhetorical ...





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