Illicit arms transfers from Ukraine to Armenia and strange crash of a helicopter carrying the Ukrainian Interior Ministry leadership in Brovary

21.01.23 21:00

A weapons scandal is supposed to have erupted in Ukraine, but for some reason even the Ukrainian media remain silent about the illegal supply of weapons from a warring country. It has become known that drones badly needed by the Ukrainian army are being exported by members of the Armenian diaspora to wage war against Azerbaijan. And this happens at a time when Azerbaijan is supporting Ukraine for free with energy resources, modular houses, generators, food and medicines, while Ukrainian Azerbaijanis are paying with their lives for Ukraine's freedom.


Hovakim Harutyunyan, Acting Director of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine, said that Armenians living in Ukraine are in fact stealing from the warring country one of the most essential weapons of the AFU so that they can fight the Azerbaijanis with these weapons without the slightest shame:
"We need to continue helping our homeland, which is what we are doing now. To be honest, we have already privately sent reconnaissance drones to Armenia. To be honest, I know those who have sent drones to Armenia through us and sent them themselves by planes.... Such flights as Warsaw-Yerevan. A lot of help is sent to our army here from Ukraine. Imagine the paradox: we have a war here, but our Armenians manage to help Armenia here... moreover, our military here, who are fighting on the side of Ukraine, manage to send their brothers in Armenia assistance, including drones, as a technological war is now underway.”

Ukraine's Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fyodorov, recently announced that his country has signed contracts for the production of nearly 1,600 drones worth more than $81 million in seven months. Ordinary Ukrainians regularly raise money to buy drones for their defenders abroad. On the contrary, members of the Armenian diaspora take drones out of Ukraine, thus helping Russian troops... And they not only do not hide this fact, but even brag about it.

The weirdness does not end there. Quite recently, on January 18, 2022, there was a catastrophe in the city of Brovary, a suburb of Kiev. A helicopter crashed, on board of which the entire leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was present at the same time. Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyy, First Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin and Interior Minister Yuriy Lubkovych were killed. Also killed on board were Tatiana Shutyak, deputy head of the Interior Ministry's patronage service, and Mikhail Pavlushko, head of security for the minister (in charge of security for the Interior Ministry leadership).

Gathering all three top officials of the key law enforcement agency of the Interior Ministry on one board is inadmissible in principle in a country at war. However, some very influential forces were somehow "gathered" on that fateful helicopter. Not only the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, but also two people who could lead the agency in the event of his death. It is very interesting who in fact headed the Interior Ministry of Ukraine after Monastyrsky's death. Immediately the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers appointed the head of the National Police, Igor Klimenko, as deputy interior minister and put him in charge of the interior ministry.

Igor Klymenko is the only Ukrainian Interior Ministry official to remain in his position after Denys Monastyrsky replaced former Minister Arsen Avakov, an ethnic Armenian, in 2021 shortly before the war began. It is to Avakov that Igor Klymenko owes his elevation in 2019, when he was appointed head of the National Police of Ukraine.

Separatist DNR resources immediately after the helicopter crash in Brovary began spreading information that Monastyrsky's death was linked to his involvement in "shady schemes" to trade weapons from warring Ukraine. This included the weapons that were coming into the country as part of Western military aid.

Thus, referring to the Telegram channel "Joker DNR", the first so-called "minister of information of the DNR" Daniel Bezsonov said that Denis Monastyrsky knew that there was an illegal trade in Western weapons, which came in the form of aid. However, the separatist "minister" not only failed to mention the involvement of the Armenian lobby in such illegal arms trade, but immediately tried to put forward his own version, "redirecting arrows" to the leadership of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the Main Department of Intelligence (GUR) of Ukraine, which allegedly "took out" Monastyrsky for his involvement in a shadow arms trade scheme: "The Interior Ministry leadership wanted their share and started collecting data through their structural units that are connected to the intelligence and surveillance. They managed to get evidence and blackmail began...," Bezsonov said. ( ).

At the same time, Bezsonov, as a separatist (and all separatists are supervised by the Russian Armenian lobby) is well aware that even indirectly mentioning the involvement of his predecessor Avakov in Monastyrsky's death is impossible. But he voiced the main thing - Monastyrsky's death was allegedly connected with shadowy and illegal schemes of arms trade.

Other Russian propagandists, in particular Alexander Semchenko, voiced the version that his predecessor Arsen Avakov was involved in the death of Denis Monastyrsky. ( ). He wrote that "the main versions of the death of the top MIA officials in the helicopter crash are only two" and the main one is that "the orderer of this murder is Mr Avakov, who is rushing to power, having secured CIA support and maintaining influence within the MIA, which allowed him to easily know the flight route for the attack."
Indeed, it is hard to call it a "coincidence" that the leadership of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry was removed so "immediately and neatly" in such a way that the head of the Interior Ministry suddenly became "Avakov's man". The same Avakov, whose long-time friend is the acting director of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine, Hovakim Harutyunyan. He also openly boasts that Armenians are illegally supplying weapons from Ukraine to Armenia. And for some reason, Igor Klimenko, the new acting head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is not even interested in such a confession.
Perhaps it was the activities of the likes of Harutyunyan that interested the dead Monastyrsky and Yevgeny Yesin. Which eventually cost them their lives....


As for the ill-fated H225 Super Puma helicopter manufactured by French Airbus that crashed in Brovary, it is also known that Ukraine ordered it in 2018 when Arsen Avakov was Interior Minister. At the same time, the purchase of this helicopter and other French equipment was diligently lobbied for by the same Arsen Avakov. Given the relationship between France and the French special services and the Armenian lobby, this is not surprising at all. It is also known that the same special services can easily plant "hidden clues" in such sophisticated hardware that would destroy or render it unusable by signals from outside at "time X" which is defined by those who order or purchase such hardware.



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