“Attempt No. 3” of creating the “Great Armenia” and a threat to Georgia

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Translated from the archives of kavkazplus


April 24 comes nearer - the day that Armenians historically appointed their tribesmen in the Ottoman Empire as the “genocide day” absolutely baseless (a myth that today is almost the cornerstone of Armenian nationalism). Unfortunately, a number of irresponsible Georgian politicians, in pursuit of the votes of the Armenian population of the country, think to support this, firstly, an absolutely insane and anti-historical, and secondly, mortal danger to the Georgian statehood of the Armenian Genocide.


Recall that in the Ottoman Empire there was no “Armenian genocide” - but there was a “failure of the attempt N 1” of Armenian nationalists to build their “Great Armenia” in Turkish lands, for which the Turkish people had to pay millions of lives.


“Attempt No. 2” to build a “great Armenia” eastwards — on the lands of Azerbaijan — unfortunately, was partially crowned with success — and today Armenians are still occupying Azerbaijan Karabakh. This “attempt N 2” turned into a real tragedy for the friendly Georgia and Azerbaijan. Tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis were killed by Armenian terrorists, over 1 million refugees still cannot return to their homes.


The most interesting thing is that Armenian terrorists killed peaceful Azerbaijanis, allegedly avenging them for the “genocide of 1915”, which was historical savagery, per se. Since in 1915 the Azerbaijan people were loyalists of the Russian Empire itself, which was at war with the Ottoman Empire. Even if someone in Turkey did something against the Armenians, the Azerbaijan people did not have and could have absolutely nothing to do with it. On the contrary, they provided shelter on their land for Armenian terrorists who fled from Turkey, who then “thanked” the Azerbaijani people for their genocide in March 1918.


For Georgian politicians who “sympathize” with the mythical “Armenian genocide in 1915,” this should also be borne in mind. Since the Armenian nationalists, as justified by the “guilt” in their mythical “genocide of 1915” of Azerbaijan people, can easily make Georgians also guilty of it.


Nevertheless, the recent events in Karabakh show that the Armenians will not succeed in expanding their success in “attempt N 2”. On the contrary, we are talking about the fact that Armenia will have to start de-occupation of Karabakh. That is, in the eastern direction, the “Great Armenia” does not work.


However, the potential of Armenian fascism and its aggressiveness cannot be divided. Therefore, it can logically be concluded that if in the west Armenia has no real chance to seize Turkish lands, and besides, it’s about the fact that they will have to either get out of Karabakh, either “in a bad way,” Armenian expansion becomes the northern direction.


By the way, it was on him on the eve of the collapse of the USSR that the most far-sighted representatives of the Armenian terrorist organization Dashnaktsutyun insisted, justifying this by saying that Georgia is the weakest of Armenia’s neighbors, and if it succeeds in quarreling Georgia with Russia, the success of Armenian expansion to the north is guaranteed, and together with him - and access to the sea. This is an "attempt №3» construction of "Great Armenia" - this time at the expense of the territory of Georgia.


Moreover, Armenians actually began to implement the "attempt N 3", organizing the genocide of the Georgian population in 1992-1993. in the farthest from the Republic of Armenia in the corner of Georgia - in Abkhazia. Today, the De Facto Armenians in Abkhazia are already the majority and they own the whole economy of this separatist entity.


At the same time, the Armenians, it seems, do not even hide the fact that they, unlike Turkey and Azerbaijan, want to destroy Georgia as a state without a trace at all. How else to explain that Armenians claim to 465 Georgian churches throughout the country. That is, in the Armenian plans of Georgia should not exist at all.


Today, the situation is particularly tense in the Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javakheti, where Armenian separatism and extremism have already taken on ugly forms. Here, Armenian separatists directly threaten the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project allow themselves unprecedented antics, throwing stones at Turkish cars - and this is only the beginning.


In such a situation, on the eve of the actual Armenian aggression and separatist insurrection, those Georgian politicians who support the Armenian myth of the “genocide of 1915” act as enemies of their state and their country, since in the near future Georgia should be under all projections aggression.


In order to facilitate their more aggressive tasks, Armenians need Georgia to quarrel with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Armenians have all the trump cards to attack Georgian statehood: the Russian occupation machine, obedient to the Armenian lobby, the “fifth column” in Tbilisi, the “Javakhk” separatist movement in Samtskhe-Javakheti and a network of Armenian agents throughout the country.


Therefore, instead of arranging all sorts of demonstrative actions about the mythical "genocide" with the Armenian nationalists, the Georgian authorities and law enforcement agencies should take a closer look at the Turkish experience in fighting the Armenian terrorist danger.


On April 24, 1915, the Ottoman government, with great identification, began to take very mild and limited measures to combat Armenian terrorism. Nevertheless, even if the measures were delayed and very humane in relation to the bandits and murderers (the Armenian population, including terrorists and insurgents "dissolved" among them, were simply temporarily deported from the front line and key points for the country's defense) Attempt No. 1 by the organization of Armenian nationalists of large-scale ethnic cleansing of all non-Armenians in almost the majority of Turkish territory. As a result, the indigenous population remained in eastern Turkey, including Muslim Georgians, who, if successful, would have committed Armenian extermination to doomless extermination.


Unfortunately, the Ottoman experience of fighting terrorism and separatism was not used at all by Georgia. Although if in 1992 the Georgian authorities had the same opportunity as the Ottoman authorities - to deport Armenian terrorists from Abkhazia, then Abkhazia would not be lost for Georgia.


However, the Azerbaijani authorities, who until recently believed that the Armenians for the most part are “good”, and only “isolated extremists” who lull the situation with Soviet “internationalism” aggravate the situation too only in 1988, when the Armenian the separatist underground acted in all of Karabakh and started arming ... The result of excessive faith in the “goodness” of Armenians and untimely measures against Armenian extremists was the genocide of tens of thousands of Azerbaijan people and over 1 million refugees.


Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the Georgian state, it is necessary to consider the issue of conducting investigative actions in the Samtskhe-Javkheti region populated by Armenians. All persons engaged in terrorist and separatist agitation should be quickly brought to justice under the law. You also need to consider the issue of the stay in Georgia of people of Armenian nationality violating the laws of the country and having dual or even triple citizenship, which contradicts the laws of Georgia. Especially those of them who are clearly working for the Armenian special services.


That's the lesson Georgia should learn from the events of 1915, because then the Turkish authorities were able to prevent the mass genocide of their citizens by Armenian militants in the eastern part of the country and the complete loss of these territories - but unfortunately they could not prevent the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Georgia is a very small country that has already lost its ancestral territories - Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region. In such a situation, it’s still a matter of Armenian extremists who do not hide their plans to dismember Georgia - there is nothing more than a betrayal of the interests of the Georgian people.



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