President meets with Eka Gigauri, Eka Beselia and Nino Tsilosani

24.01.22 16:20

The President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili meets with Ana Natsvlishvili, MP of "Lelo", Eka Gigauri, the head of the non-governmental organization "Transparency International-Georgia", Eka Beselia, the leader of the party "For Justice", as well as the member of the parliamentary majority Nino Tsilosani and the mayor of Rustavi Nino Latsabidze.


The main topic of the meeting will be the issue of polarization and justice.


As the member of "Lelo" Ana Natsvlishvili said, today's meeting is very important.


"More or less everyone has contributed to this very unhealthy, polarized and toxic environment in which, unfortunately, the country finds itself, especially the government, which maintains power artificially, through polarization and playing. I think it is especially important to be able to achieve a dialogue or a certain type of conversation where there are different views, including even radically different views on a particular issue. It is difficult to speak when there is a different opinion, otherwise, if we were all of the same opinion, there would be no need to talk and reconcile. After the President had a meeting with various representatives of the polarized spectrum, today she will probably have more clarity in her vision. I wonder how she sees the continuation of the initiative from this perspective. It will also be very important to take this initiative to concrete and timely steps," Natsvlishvili said.


According to the head of Transparency International-Georgia, Eka Gigauri, today's meeting with the President is part of the national accord process.


As she told reporters before the meeting, it will be important for the public to have the right expectations on the issue.


"I do not know what format it is and what issues will be discussed. I guess logically and I have this information that this is part of the national accord process. I have to take into account from my side that we have to create the right expectations for the society, it is very important to think about what we will do to end this polarization and get out of this specific crisis," said Eka Gigauri.



source: IPN 

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