Not a single Georgian school against the background of 24 (according to other sources 32) Armenian schools - the realities of separatist Abkhazia

16.09.21 9:45

The separatist authorities of Abkhazia are taking unprecedented measures to eradicate everything Georgian on the separatist territory. By the decision of the separatist so-called. "The Ministry of Education of unrecognized Abkhazia", ​​in all schools of the kind of "ghetto" of the Gali region, where the absolutely disenfranchised Georgian population lives, who do not even have separatist "passports", will be prohibited from teaching in the Georgian language. The information to school principals was announced on September 12, 2021, as part of an emergency meeting.


From now on, the Georgian language and literature will be presented as "foreign", and all subjects will be taught to schoolchildren in Russian. Before this, schools in the Gali district "gradually" switched to Russian, and the program was designed for 10 classes, in the 11th the pupils continued their education already in Georgian. However, now the separatist authorities decided to accelerate the fight against everything Georgian.


This is another sign of the impending complete annexation of Abkhazia by Russia, which many Russian politicians are already talking about openly. In whose interests the annexation will be - it is also no secret.


The Armenian community is extremely interested in the fact that the "continuation" of Sochi, which has already become almost Armenian, is extremely interested in the Armenian community, which in this way will be able to buy up everything that can be bought on the separatist territory in the shortest time - first of all, land and real estate and create "seaside Armenia" here.


However, the Armenian community already feels very confident in separatist Abkhazia. And first of all, the indicator of this is the Armenian school education. Here are excerpts from last year's speech at the Congress of Armenians of Abkhazia by Galust Trapizonyan, a former militant and commander of the Baghramyan battalion who was distinguished by atrocities against the peaceful Georgian population in the 1992-1993 war:


“Today, there are 24 state Armenian schools in the“ republic ”(meaning separatist Abkhazia). The Armenian community provides schools with textbooks and manuals. Communication has been established with the historical homeland, the Republic of Armenia, with the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, the Ministry of Education of Armenia. We also have very good relations with Artsakh….


Every year, up to 70 students from Armenian schools in Abkhazia take part in the “Ari Tun” (“Come Back Home”) program held in Armenia. More than 100 teachers from Armenian schools in Abkhazia participated in advanced training programs….


Yes, we have problems with teachers. Today many teachers are of retirement age. Unfortunately, young people do not go to teach in schools. Through the Ministry of Education of Armenia, we have quotas for the pedagogical faculty, "the Armenian community assists Armenian schools in Abkhazia with repairs, the purchase of office equipment, etc. For teaching students of the pedagogical faculty of the" Abkhaz State University "(specialty" Armenian language and literature in primary ) the community has been paying for the last three years ”. - said then Galust Trapizonyan.


The question arises, on what basis does the Republic of Armenia organize, absolutely illegally, in the occupied territory of Georgia in Abkhazia, together with the illegal separatist authorities, education in the Armenian language? Moreover, without coordinating this issue with the government of Georgia, the Ministry of Education of Georgia, and the legitimate authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia in exile in Tbilisi?


And in Yerevan, they know very well that in the same separatist territory where they organize Armenian school education, Georgian schools are prohibited. Is this the "friendship and cooperation" between Armenia and Georgia? This means that the "armenization" of Abkhazia and the elimination of the entire Georgian government there are completely satisfied with the Republic of Armenia.



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