GD to nominate Senaki mayoral candidate

27.08.21 10:00

The ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party nominated Vakhtang Gadelia as the mayoral candidate in Senaki, Samegrelo.


Addressing locals, Parliament Speaker Kakha Kuchava remembered the Georgian national hero Zhiuli Shartava, Head of the Ministers Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, killed by Abkhaz militants during Georgian-Abkhazian military hostilities in 1993.


According to Kuchava, Zhiuli Shartava was a symbol of courage, devotion, unity. “He is an excellent example of how one should care about the country,” he said.


Parliament Speaker said the GD candidate is a hardworking person. He claimed that the country would not be stable without strong regions and accentuated projects befitted to the Samegrelo region’s specifics.



source: 1TV

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