Armenian nationalists and the future global lockdown

12.08.21 10:45

From August 10, 2021, the tightening of quarantine restrictions began again in Georgia. A mandatory mask mode was introduced in open spaces where more than 5 people gather. While in Georgia there is a pre-election campaign for elections to local authorities and a lockdown is unlikely to be introduced. However, after that, with a high probability, severe restrictions are again possible, similar to those that were in winter (with the cessation of public transport, curfew, etc.) or even stricter. Such measures are introduced in fact at the "supranational level" on the recommendation of global structures, the same WHO.


In other countries, roughly the same trends. In Israel, they again began to tighten restrictions associated with the coronavirus epidemic and talk about a new lockdown, even though the country is one of the most "vaccinated". But as it turns out, vaccination does not help much in preventing the spread of new strains.


At the same time, Australia, namely the state of New South Wales, became the "pioneer" in the introduction of new tough restrictions. The name of the prime minister of this state, Gladys Berejiklyan, has become world-famous today. Proponents of tough antiquated measures are calling for Australia and other countries to follow her example. Opponents of "tightening the screws" under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus, on the contrary, indicate that this is a kind of "policeman" who will introduce "concentration camp" restrictions at the direction of supranational structures.


In Australia, namely in New South Wales and the capital of the state of Sydney (the largest metropolis in Australia) today, at the filing of Gladys Berejiklyan, the toughest lockdown in the world has been introduced. New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklyan, who distinguished herself with the brutality of antiquarian measures last year, recently announced that the authorities are extending the lockdown until at least 28 August 2021.


To maintain a tough lockdown order, Sydney and the suburbs will be patrolled by "specially trained" Australian Army soldiers to "help police keep order" and (literal translation) "crackdown on residents who violate restrictions."


Gladys Beredzhiklyan today is true “one of the highest-ranking representatives of the Armenian diaspora in the world. And among those who do not hide their Armenian origin, of course, “Armenian number one”, since such influential representatives of the Armenian diaspora as Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin (Mishustyan) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Kalantarov) do not advertise their Armenian origin.


So, Gladys Beredzhiklyan was born in 1970 in Sydney (Australia) into a family of Armenian settlers from the Middle East. Naturally, she refers to herself as the “descendants of the victims of genocide,” but this is not at all surprising. In same Armenia and among the Armenians living in the diaspora, it is impossible to find “not a victim of genocide”, even among those who, in 1915, all great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers lived outside the Ottoman Empire.


Gladys Berejiklyan originally worked in the offices of the Armenian National Committee of Australia. According to official data, 45 thousand Armenians live in Australia, other sources call the figure twice as much. However, even if there are actually 90-100 thousand Armenians in Australia, this is only less than 0.5% of the Australian population. And the fact that a representative of such a tiny community has achieved such "heights" is most likely not by chance.


Gladys Berejiklyan began her political career early. She joined the Liberal Party of Australia in 1993 and became the youth wing leader in 1996. She became the first woman who managed to reach the ruling pinnacle of this party. Gladys Berejiklyan joined the party's headquarters in the following years, holding high positions and playing a key role during the election campaign. In 2003, she was elected Senator of the New Wales Parliament from Vilogby County. Local Armenians constituted a significant part of her electorate.


In 2011, the Liberal Coalition won elections in New South Wales, and Gladys Berejiklyan was named New South Wales Minister of Transport, becoming the first Armenian minister in the state government. Senator Gladys Beredzhiklyan fully supports the pro-Armenian bills and resolutions. Moreover, it initiates discussions in Australian society regarding the mythical “Armenian genocide” and the Armenian issue. In 2013, as part of a delegation of deputies of the Parliament of the State of New South Wales, she visited occupied Karabakh, after which her surname was added to the “black list” by Azerbaijan.


Gladys Berejiklyan became Prime Minister of New South Wales, Australia's largest state in 2017. In her very first speech after the election, Gladys Berejiklyan especially mentioned her Armenian roots and now, in any case, emphasizes all of her Armenian origin, as well as the "long-suffering" of her backgammon "survivor of the genocide."


Now in Australia, a real "Berejiklian cult" imposed from above, although its quarantine measures have made life in New South Wales unbearable. A photo of her appeared on the cover of the famous publication "The Australian Financial Review" in May 2021 with the headline "The Woman Who Saved Australia". Thus, in fact, she was given carte blanche for any arbitrariness under the pretext of "fighting the coronavirus."


Any protests against the lockdown with the filing of Gladys Berejiklyan are harshly suppressed. In Sydney, police violently dispersed an anti-isolation demonstration, protesters were fined hundreds and dozens were charged with criminal violations. At least 57 people were charged with the riots, including two, for allegedly "hitting a police horse."


Australian Premier New South Wales Gladys Berejiklyan made the toughest accusations against the protesters. She stated that she was "extremely disgusted" with what was happening, saying: "I just broke my heart that people are so dismissive of their fellow citizens."


Today sane people in Australia have a sharply negative attitude towards Gladys Beredzhiklyan, but the Armenian lobby extols her. And this is no coincidence.

By all indications, globalization is irreversible in the world. Supranational structures will establish their own rigid rules. Either under the pretext of "fighting epidemics", or under other pretexts.


And here the globalists need “overseers” scattered all over the world, who will be alienated from the majority of citizens of other nationalities but connected by a common origin and common nationalist myths, among which the myth of “genocide” and “exceptional suffering of Armenians” occupies a central place. As a result, the "long-suffering" politicians do not feel any pity for the representatives of the "less long-suffering" peoples, introducing police and "concentration camp" measures where they have power.


The most interesting thing is that abandoning the army and police against his "disloyal" fellow citizens and introducing harsh punishments for the slightest disobedience, Gladys Beredzhiklyan simultaneously "resent" the measures taken by the army and police of the Ottoman Empire against the Armenian nationalists. These are the double standards of the Armenian nationalists.


If negative scenarios regarding the "new world order" are realized, then the Armenian diaspora will still be in demand by globalists. How the Armenians were in demand when certain forces needed to destroy traditional empires, primarily the Ottoman ones. Then, of course, the Armenian nationalists were "thrown", the Armenian people endured suffering because of them, but these nationalists did their "dirty deed".


Today, when the world is globalizing and borders are being erased, Armenian nationalists find new use as "overseers" over the new global order. These orders (as the WHO recommendations) are introduced at the supranational level, but they are implemented by "local authorities". Often neglecting basic human rights and destroying national economies with lockdowns. The way high-ranking representatives of the Armenian diaspora “curry favor” before the globalists, how they demonstratively violate the rights and freedoms prescribed in the Constitutions of certain countries, shows that the Armenian lobby has agreed to a “new role” in the processes of globalization. And Gladys Berejiklyan is a "role model" for her fellow tribesmen who are embedded in power structures around the world.




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