Davit Bakradze says he will work in Parliament as a non-partisan, independent MP  

13.05.21 15:00

I will work in the Parliament as a non-partisan, independent MP, - Davit Bakradze told journalists.


He said he will co-operate with the opposition in the Parliament, but does not plan to join any of the factions, because when he left European Georgia, he said he was taking a break from party politics.


"I still think the same way and therefore I am not going to join any faction. I will work with both Lelo, Strategy Builder and all my opposition colleagues who are here, but I am not going to join any party or faction and will continue to work as an independent MP," Bakradze said.


According to him, he is also not going to run for the positions, which are allowed to be held by opposition MPs according to Charles Michel document.



source: IPN 

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