Initiation of amnesty bills postponed for a few days due to holidays

03.05.21 14:45

The initiation of the amnesty bills submitted to the Parliament relating to the events of June 20 and the start of the committee hearings have been postponed for a few days - until the end of holidays.

As Guram Macharashvili, First Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Procedural Issues and Rules, told InterpressNews, the amnesty bills will be discussed at the very first session of the Bureau, which will be held after holidays.

Due to the holidays announced in the country, the parliamentary activities will be suspended.


There will be no sittings of the Parliamentary Bureau or Committees, nor the plenary sitting that had been scheduled for the next week.


May 4-11 has been declared holidays in Georgia, which aims to reduce mobility in the country.





source: IPN 

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