Abkhazia - a 'common home' for Armenians ... and (for now) Abkhazians?

27.04.21 13:20

On April 17, 2021, the multimedia company of the Russian Armenian Diaspora HAYK media posted a video dedicated to the Armenians of Abkhazia on its YouTube channel. The very moment of the video release is very indicative. In Armenia itself, pre-election passions are in full swing. Revanchists seek to return to power. At the same time, the issue of Armenia's fulfillment of the agreement on the corridor through Zangezur has become aggravated. And at this time, the main media resource of Russian Armenians will pay special attention neither to Armenia, nor to the liquidated separatist "Artsakh" and not to Zangezur, but to Abkhazia. Moreover, he presents this occupied Georgian territory "almost like the Armenian land":



From the video "Armenians of Abkhazia History and Modernity" by HAYK media, it not only follows that the Armenians live in Abkhazia and "made history" of this Georgian land "from ancient times", but led it and saved it from "Aggression". It turns out that in 253, in the Pitsunda region, the garrison, led by the Armenian Sukisian, repulsed the Goths' attack. In general, if it were not for the "ancient Armenians", then neither Abkhazians nor Abkhazia would exist now.


It is especially emphasized that not only in antiquity is the fact that in recent times the Armenians of Abkhazia have given a lot of outstanding figures. Those. in fact, the conclusion can be drawn that Abkhazia is one of the main centers of "world Armenians".


Naturally, there is almost no mention of Georgia and Georgians in the video in the historical context at all. Abkhazia, which owes everything to the Armenians, is viewed exclusively as a separate “state” from Georgia or is mentioned exclusively in a negative way. In particular, it is argued that “unlike the Mingrelians and other Georgian groups,” the Armenians allegedly tried to “demonstrate good-neighborliness and establish maximum tolerant relations” with the Abkhaz.


The role played by the Armenians in the separatist war of 1992-1993, in particular, the two Armenian battalions is especially emphasized. First of all, they are mentioned as "heroes" militants known for their atrocities against the peaceful Georgian population of the battalion named after. Baghramyan.


It is also important to note that HAYK media is based in Russia, in the Krasnodar Territory, in the city of Krasnodar, which, in fact, is already becoming the center of “the largest concentration of Armenians in the world”. In total, in the Krasnodar, Stavropol Territories, and separatist Abkhazia, according to some sources, almost as many Armenians actually live now as there are left in the Republic of Armenia itself. However, this is still...


In the coming years, at least half of the approximately 2 million (actually) population of the Republic of Armenia and the liquidated separatist "Artsakh" will move exactly here, to the Kuban, in the Stavropol Territory, to Abkhazia. Moreover, the Armenians here have occupied a very advantageous niche for themselves. They dominate the economy, business, and gradually occupy all positions in state power and law enforcement agencies. Well, the Russian population, in fact, is turning into an oppressed stratum mercilessly exploited by the Armenian "masters".


In the midst of the "elective-Zangezur" passions in Armenia, a signal was given to the Armenians - if revenge does not work out - it is time to "move" to the lands of the future "new Armenia" on the Black Sea coast. And the historical justification for the "antiquity" of the Armenians staying here is already in a hurry. It is possible that after the "great Armenian commander Sukisian-Pitsunda" we will soon learn interesting stories about the numerous "Tigrans and Ashots" who ruled Abkhazia and saved it from the "invaders".


But even this is not the main thing. In fact, the video directly says that the Armenians have a controlled "state entity" on the seashore. Abkhazia is a “common home of Armenians and Abkhazians”. But for now, it is still "general"...


So far, in fact, the Armenian lobby, which has seized the entire economy of the separatist territory and all the "channels of communication and financing" of the separatists, temporarily and formally allow the Abkhaz to manage the separatist territory. The video also hints that the Abkhaz are really already a minority in Abkhazia.


It says about “official” 45 thousand and “actual” 67 thousand Armenians of Abkhazia - the latter figure is also clearly underestimated. In reality, there are already at least 2 times more Armenians in Abkhazia - about 130-135 thousand. Taking into account the fact that every day the border with Abkhazia is blocked today by the Armenian settlers moving from Yerevan and the liberated Armenian lands of Karabakh, this figure is constantly growing. So, by the end of the year, the number of Armenians in Abkhazia may well reach 200 thousand. This, despite the fact that the Abkhaz themselves, at best, is actually 60 thousand left. Mostly old people and unemployed "restless" youth.


Until the holiday season begins and the impoverished Abkhaz are ready to rent housing to newcomers for a pittance - the Armenian community of Abkhazia "quietly" settles them throughout the territory of separatist Abkhazia, at the same time "looking out" for the migrants "trophy" Georgian houses and the houses of the Abkhaz themselves, which can also redeem for a pittance for the settlers.


The Armenian migrants, who do not have separatist citizenship, have already learned to bypass the ban on the purchase of a real estate in Abkhazia. Houses and apartments are bought by Abkhaz Armenians, who have separatist citizenship and "by proxy" transfer them to the families of new Armenian settlers. As soon as the sale of real estate and land is allowed, the property of the new Armenian owners will be quickly "legalized".


It is strange that even watching such videos, the Abkhaz, drugged by the "official" separatist Georgian phobia, do not sound the alarm. After all, they are told by an almost direct test that the Armenians ruled Abkhazia "even in antiquity." They are also told that there are many more Armenians in Abkhazia than the "official" separatist statistics give. We need to think about this, and not about how "well" the Armenian settlers treat Abkhazia and the Abkhaz.


Armenian immigrants, if anyone does not remember, were outwardly "tolerant" to the indigenous Azerbaijani population on the territory of the Iravan Khanate, when the Russian empire began to populate there en masse. Until they felt their strength and until it began in 1905-1906. Dashnak terror against the peaceful Azerbaijani population. And as a result, after a series of ethnic cleansing in the lands of the Iravan Khanate, where the share of Azerbaijanis was initially much higher (up to 90%) than now the Abkhaz in Abkhazia (about 25-30%). And now, not a single native resident remains on the territory of the Iravan Khanate.


Russia will not protect the Abkhaz from being thrown out of their native land by the Armenian settlers. On the contrary, it can only contribute to this. Or have Abkhazians forgotten the tragedy of Muhajirism, when it was the Russian Empire that drove most of the people from their native land? By the way, remembering the "ancient Armenian commander Sukisian", the authors of the video generally ignored the tragedy of Muhajirism, the most terrible tragedy of the Abkhaz people, recalling only the forest wilds that the Armenian settlers had to clear, not mentioning that the forest was overgrown with the villages expelled by the Russian Empire from their native land Abkhaz and Georgian Muslims.




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