TDI: 14-day quarantine, restriction to entry by charter flight for travellers from India may be considered discrimination

16.04.21 15:40

The Tolerance and Diversity Institute of Georgia has released a statement regarding recent restrictions imposed by the government of Georgia for individuals coming from India to Georgia, including students, which sets a 14-day quarantine and allows entry in the country only by charter flight.

Georgia tightens entry rules for Indian visitors due to pandemic
The statement reads that this decision may be considered discrimination on the grounds of nationality, citizenship and origin.


Selective measures approved by the government of Georgia against individuals / students from India are overly harsh, unreasonable, disproportionate and discriminatory. In 2020, under the Covid-19 pandemic, foreign students, especially Indian citizens, encountered a number of problems with studies. Part of the students left the country due to economic and financial difficulties and they could not return.
Given that Indian citizens already face many obstacles both in terms of entering Georgia and using various services in Georgia, these additional disproportionate restrictions further aggravate their legal and social status", reads the statement.
The Tolerance and Diversity Institute calls on the government of Georgia to immediately review the regulations imposed on individuals / students from India and to replace them with proportionate and non-discriminatory measures.




source: AGENDA 

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