President Zourabichvili proud of Georgia for making great contribution to ensuring global peace and security

15.04.21 12:25

“We are proud that Georgia, a reliable and trustworthy partner of NATO, together with the Alliance members, has made a great contribution to ensuring global peace and security,” said Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili.


According to the President, it is necessary to maintain a secure and peaceful environment in Afghanistan that Georgia, NATO and partner countries, have strived to establish for a long time to come.


“Georgia has been actively participating in the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan for many years. The Georgian military has made a significant contribution to the process of strengthening peace and security in Afghanistan since the launch of the Resolute Support Mission.


We are proud of the professionalism and dedication of the Georgian military. The professionalism of the Georgian army has always deserved high praise from both NATO and partner countries.


I thank all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives and health in the fight for peace and carried the Georgian flag with dignity. Georgian soldiers will gradually leave the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan together with NATO and partner countries,” said Salome Zourabichvili.


Foreign troops under NATO command will withdraw from Afghanistan in coordination with the US pull-out by September 11. NATO allies agreed on Wednesday, pledging to mirror American plans to start withdrawing troops on May 1 after two decades of war.





source: 1TV


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