Registration of Georgian citizens for legal employment in Israel starts today

12.04.21 11:50

According to an agreement signed between the state of Israel and the government of Georgia, Georgian citizens will be able to work in Israel. The relevant information was spread by the Ministry of Health of Georgia.

According to the Ministry, Deputy Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs Tamar Barkalaia met with Israeli Ambassador to Georgia Ran Gidor. The parties discussed in detail the issue of legal employment in Israel.


The registration of Georgian citizens for legal employment in Israel will start on April 12 and will continue throughout the year.


"Today I had the honor to meet with the Deputy Minister to move to the implementation phase of the bilateral agreement. This is an excellent opportunity for up to 1000 Georgians to go and work in Israel," said Ran Gidori, Israel's ambassador to Georgia.


Job seekers will be able to register on a special registration portal


Georgian citizens will be able to have temporary legal employment in Israel for 1 year.



source: IPN 

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