Armenian lobby in the US is against the "corridor" through Zangezur and collects "aid" to the separatists of "Javakhk"

13.03.21 15:00

The organization of Armenian lobbyists in the United States, the so-called Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), is again beginning to whip up anti-Turkish and anti-Azerbaijani hysteria. In particular, this Armenian National Committee of America "warned" US President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about the planned attack by Turkey and Azerbaijan on Armenia.


“Azerbaijan and Turkey are targeting Syunik (Armenia) for their next attack,” ANCA tweeted.


What is meant by "attack on Syunik" is not difficult to guess. This is the fulfillment of agreements on the agreement of November 10, 2020, signed at the end of the Second Karabakh War, according to which a transport corridor must be organized through Zangezur, connecting the main territory of Azerbaijan and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Region.


In principle, the Republic of Armenia itself is primarily economically interested in such a corridor. After all, the opening of the Zangezur corridor is the main condition for the opening of the borders of the Republic of Armenia with Azerbaijan and Turkey, due to which the transit blockade of Armenia will end, from which its economy is already close to complete destruction. But the fact of the matter is that, apparently, it is the issue of the Zangezur corridor that is beginning to openly sabotage the Pashinyan regime itself.


It is interesting that on March 11, 2021, on the website, which is close to the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, there appeared an article by Naira Ayrumyan “Trolling Armenia: the loop is tightening, until“ forced to open the Zangezur corridor ”( 03/11/199824 /). The article about this corridor is written exclusively in a negative way as a danger for Armenia:


“The world media are closely following the ping-pong that takes place in Armenia. Sometimes the experts can't stand their nerves and they say that Armenia has lost its head. The Greek newspaper writes alarmingly that Azerbaijan and Turkey are openly preparing for war in order to "force Armenia to open the Zangezur corridor." No one undertakes to predict the future even for a month.

And only in Armenia are they making plans for several years, preparing for the elections, entering into litigation, and blocking the streets while drinking coffee.

Will the “parties to the internal political processes in Armenia” agree to meet with the president and openly talk about what is their direct responsibility? Or will the lies and manipulations continue until the Zangezur Corridor opens?
If Armenia does not solve the problem with the state governance system before the start of the acute phase of the conflict in Donbas, then with a probability of 80 percent it will lose its border with Iran. Baku speaks absolutely unequivocally about the transport corridor and threatens to start an operation to enforce the November agreements, writes one of the readable telegram channels."


It turns out that the publication close to Pashinyan is against the Zangezur corridor? But then we can conclude that Pashinyan deliberately lied and deceived, signing agreements in November last year, promised something that he was not going to fulfill. And now, the media close to him accuse the opposition of undermining the "state government system", what they say will Azerbaijan and Turkey take advantage of and open the "Zangezur Corridor" themselves?


That is, in fact, the Pashinyan government is doing everything to sabotage the agreements reached on the corridor, and which are needed, first of all, by Armenia, if, of course, she is going to live peacefully with her neighbors, and not “commit suicide” in another military adventure.


At the same time, realizing perfectly well that expanding the borders of “great Armenia” towards Turkey and Azerbaijan with the current balance of forces will not work, the Armenian lobby, including the United States, is beginning to pay more and more attention to Armenia’s expansion “in the Georgian direction” and support for separatism in Samtskhe. -Javakheti. The same website of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is collecting aid to the Javakhk separatists with might and main (


"Support Javakhk
Send a letter to your Senators and representatives for Expanding Economic Development in Samtskhe-Javakheti, Georgia.
Javakhk, a historically Armenian region in the southern part of the Republic of Georgia, is experiencing serious economic difficulties.
The economic well-being, civil rights, and healthy social development of the Armenian population of Javakhk are important keys to a united, independent, and democratic Georgia that respects pluralism and promotes local self-government.
Take action now:
Please take a moment to write to your senators and representative and urge them to support the people of Javakhk and ensure that 10% of US aid to Georgia is used to bolster the economy in the region.
Just enter your name, address, and email address and click "Send and take action." A sample letter to your Senators and representatives is available for viewing, editing, and sending. ANCA March to Justice's SmartMail system offers you draft emails that you can personalize for your elected officials."


The Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javkheti is directly called the “historically Armenian region” on the ANCA website. And at the same time, ANCA is against the Zangezur corridor, i.e. for maintaining the blockade of Armenia by Turkey and Azerbaijan.


Also, ANCA, naturally, is against the cooperation of Armenia with Iran, hated by the USA. What is left? Indeed, in the blockade, the Republic of Armenia has no prospects as such.


Logically speaking, there remains a “corridor through Georgia”, which Armenian nationalists can at any moment begin to “breakthrough” by force, organizing another separatist uprising in Samtskhe-Javakheti. Armenia's refusal to implement the agreement on the Zangezur corridor is automatically fraught with aggravation "in the Georgian direction."




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