Rati Ionatamishvili: This is not a protest of the population, this is only a protest of political parties

26.02.21 14:05

This is not a protest of the population - this is only a protest of the political parties - this is how the majority MP Rati Ionatamishvili responds to today's rally in Tbilisi.


Ionatamishvili also says that the ruling team is always committed to resolving any important issue through dialogue, at the negotiating table, which is opposed by the radical opposition. According to the MP, the opposition is always trying to radicalize the process.

"In our country, expression is free. Obviously, this standard will be observed. As for the essence and demands of the rally, it is really unfounded and absurd and it has no support either inside or outside the country. For a long time, the opposition has been aiming for more tension and radicalization. Those who try to build the rules of the game on these principles will be doomed. This will not have perspective in modern Georgian society", - Rati Ionatamishvili told reporters.


source: IPN 

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