Istanbul hit by heavy storm

09.02.21 11:50

Turkey’s largest city was hit with a heavy storm early Tuesday, with trees and roofs toppled.

The storm began with light rain on Istanbul’s European districts including Sultangazi, Gaziosmanpasa, Bakırkoy, Bagcılar, Beyoglu, Kagithane, Bayrampasa and Esenler.

Strong winds toppled a tree outside the Florya train station but did not affect the services. The tree was removed by staff at the station.

In Atakoy, a tree caused damage to a parked car when it fell onto the vehicle, Anadolu Agency reported.


Some ferry services in the city have been canceled due to strong winds, local operators said Tuesday.


Istanbul Sea Bus Company (IDO) said it canceled some services, including lines between Istanbul and Bursa provinces.


Istanbul’s City Lines, run by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, also canceled some services because of strong winds.






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