Giorgi Gakharia: Georgian citizens will have all the quality vaccines that will be authorized by the relevant international organizations

15.01.21 13:35

For the next stage, in order for us to continue successfully fighting the epidemic and effectively open up the economy, we need to change the scheme of work a little bit, - said Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia.


According to the Prime Minister, three new priorities has emerged in the fight against the pandemic, one of which is to expand testing, as well as to maintain effective restrictions where necessary. As the PM noted, the third priority will be vaccination.

"Three new priorities are emerging in the fight against the pandemic, first of all, it is to change the testing scheme. As you know, the number of tests in the country has already increased and we must continue to do so. Secondly, it will also be important to maintain targeted effective restrictions where necessary - and of course vaccination. There are a lot of absurd rumors about the vaccines, I just can not understand where this information comes from. With regard to vaccination, we must understand today that a special commission has been set up, headed by the Ministry of Health, and this commission has several tasks - first, it must solve all the issues related to logistics, you know that different vaccines have different logistical regimes. In addition, their task is to get the country prepared for starting the vaccination of citizens. Secondly, it is to determine in advance the target groups whose vaccination should be prioritized, and thirdly, to ensure the introduction of a quality and internationally authorized vaccine in the country as soon as possible, not only through the Covax platform, but also through other means. In this regard, the first two goals have already been worked out by the Ministry of Health and there is a plan. They will present this plan to the council on Monday, which will be later approved by the government, so there is no basis for any question marks here. I emphasize once again that the citizens of Georgia will have all the quality vaccines that will be authorized by the relevant international organizations", - said Gakharia.


source: IPN 

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