Abkhazia is being prepared to receive "Artsakh", Syrian and Lebanese Armenians. Is Putin “justifying himself” before Armenian nationalists at the expense of Georgia?

17.11.20 16:05

Today it is difficult to find an Armenian in the Republic of Armenia, and even in the diaspora, who did not curse and did not scold the last words of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He is accused of “betraying Armenia”, “surrendering Artsakh”.

And even the fact that Putin, in fact, saved the Armenian army from complete and inevitable defeat and destruction and, introducing peacekeepers, gives the Armenian settlers the opportunity to calmly leave a foreign land - Azerbaijani Karabakh, does not diminish hatred for Putin.


The metamorphosis is striking. Let's remind that the same Armenians 12 years ago admired the same Putin for the aggression against Georgia. Many of them expected that Putin would "take under his protection" Samtskhe-Javkheti ("Javkhk"), populated by Armenians and infected with separatism, would generally dismember Georgia and recognize "Artsakh". And of course, the Armenian nationalists were especially pleased that the recognition of the so-called “independence” of Abkhazia by the Putin-Medvedev Russian Federation somehow “legalized” (albeit doubtful from the point of view of international law) the appropriation by looters of real estate seized by Armenian nationalists from the expelled Georgian population of Abkhazia.


And now all Putin's services to the Armenian nationalists have been forgotten. He is rapidly turning from “the best friend of Armenians” into an “enemy”. This should actually make the head of the Russian Federation fear for his life. How Armenian terrorists know how to deal with those whom they put on the list of their "enemies" is well known.


Therefore, it is possible that the representatives of the Armenian lobby, who are closest to Putin, Mishustin and Lavrov-Kalanatarov "strongly advised" the Russian leader "to make amends to the Armenians."


Instead of "Artsakh", it is planned to organize for the Armenians (including the "Artsakh" separatists leaving Azerbaijani Karabakh) an Armenian "state" in warmer climatic conditions - on the shores of the Black Sea, in the occupied Georgian Abkhazia, where the Armenians have already surpassed the Abkhaz in number... Apparently, Putin immediately started to fulfill the "order" of the Armenian lobby.


The puppet "President of Abkhazia" Aslan Bzhania was urgently summoned to Putin in Sochi, who would not only meet with Vladimir Putin on November 12 (2 days after the armistice in Karabakh!), But was also invited by the President of the Russian Federation to "for a working breakfast." Putin's conversation with his puppet lasted for about three hours - an unprecedented "honor" for leaders of this rank.


But that's not all! It is planned to visit the separatist Abkhazia of no one, but completely dependent on Putin, the President of Syria (or rather the part of it controlled by the troops of the Russian Federation) Bashar al-Assad. Bashar al-Assad recently hosted in Damascus the separatist so-called "Foreign Minister of Abkhazia" Daur Kove at a conference on "Syrian refugees."


The hint is more than clear. As you know, among the "Syrian refugees" are also the Syrian Armenians, whom the Pashinyan regime had recently illegally settled in the occupied Azerbaijani Karabakh. Moreover, the Armenians from warm Syria complained that they were being thrown into the rather harsh conditions of the "cold mountains" of Karabakh and put forward wishes that they should be given a place to settle "warmer".


And now, it seems that for the Syrian Armenians, who today are forced to get out of the liberated Azerbaijani land, as well as for those who are sitting on suitcases and going to leave Syria ravaged by the civil war, Putin, Assad and Kalantarov are organizing an "alternative". Warm seaside Abkhazia! Moreover, it is planned, apparently, to relocate the Lebanese Armenians here, so that the “demographic preponderance” of the Armenian ethnic group in this Georgian territory over the dying out Abkhazians is complete.


It is obvious that the “Artsakh”, Syrian, Lebanese, as well as, naturally, Yerevan, Krasnodar and Stavropol Armenians will be settled in Abkhazia. Moreover, it is urgent - in Yerevan, the Armenian migrants leaving Karabakh have nowhere to live, all hotels and accommodations are overcrowded. That is why there was so much "honor and attention" on the part of Vladimir Putin to the separatist puppet Aslan Bzhania.




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