Lavrov-Kalantarov prepares resettlement of Karabakh Armenians to Abkhazia  

18.10.20 12:00

The rapid offensive of the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh is forcing the "Artsakh" Armenian separatists to urgently "take their feet", hastily abandoning property, including those previously looted during the ethnic cleansing of the Azerbaijani population. The question of what to do with the Armenians of Karabakh, especially the militants, who have stained themselves with crimes against their Azeri neighbors (Azerbaijan guarantees complete security and immunity to the peaceful Armenian population) is becoming more and more acute.


And here the Armenian nationalists are pinning their hopes on the final armenization of Abkhazia, which, in fact, is already under their control.


To do this, they need:
1. For the separatist authorities to allow Armenians who do not have separatist citizenship to buy real estate in Abkhazia.

2. So that no one dares to challenge the rights of Armenians to real estate bought for a pittance in Abkhazia.


With regard to the latter issue, complete chaos is going on in the separatist territory. Housing is taken away not only from Georgians (which goes without saying) but also from Russians. And new Armenian settlers don't need such problems for anything - they want no one to dare to challenge the ownership of their houses and apartments by the sea.


Therefore, the preparation for the resettlement of the “Artsakh” (and not only) Armenians to Abkhazia and the protection of their property rights in the future was decided by none other than the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, an ardent Armenian nationalist and Georgian phobia, Sergei Lavrov-Kalantarov. Moreover, the extent to which he is interested in the successful resettlement is evidenced by the fact that for the first time in many years he agreed to recognize human rights for the Georgians he hates, though not for everyone, but for those who have Russian citizenship.


So, during a press conference of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Vladimir Sungorkin, asked a question about the violation of the property rights of Russians in Abkhazia:


“There are countries that are completely dependent on us - Abkhazia, Tajikistan, Belarus ... So, all Russian grandmothers and old women were kicked out of their apartments in Abkhazia, you know this problem, our embassy is constantly doing this there, humanly insulting, they take and throw them out. I'm talking about the Russian people, about the interests of the Russian-speaking, whatever they want, they do it, and we can't do anything."


Answering his question, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov promised that Russia will return to the issues of violation of property rights of people in the separatist territory, regardless of ethnicity:


“All this is on our agenda. And the property of ethnic Russians, and ethnic Georgians, citizens of the Russian Federation in Abkhazia is the subject of our constant attention, and I hope that now, when the disturbances in Abkhazia seem to have subsided, we will definitely return to this topic, although we are a little surprised that this problem remains unresolved. We will be promoting our relationship now, I think, after all these events a little more energetically ... "


Those. Lavrov-Kalantarov began to take care of the "Russians" whom the Abkhaz separatists throw out of their apartments and even of the Georgians with Russian citizenship. But in reality, he needs an end to the ethnic domination and arbitrariness of the Abkhaz separatists. From now on, the owners of Abkhazia are not they, but representatives of another ethnic group.


The fact that several dozen Georgian refugees with Russian citizenship will return to Kalantarov's apartments is not very worried. All the same, representatives of the "ancient long-suffering people" who have populated Abkhazia en masse will not allow them to return and "take root." Everyone perfectly understands how this happens in the now mono-ethnic Armenia.


Moreover, most of the Georgians with Russian passports, refugees from Abkhazia will still not be allowed to return to their homeland, accusing them of "the war against Abkhazia." The so-called "Foreign Minister" of separatist Abkhazia, Daur Kove, said: "As for the citizens of Russia of Georgian nationality, it should be noted that all state bodies of the Republic of Abkhazia have a single approach to representatives of any nationality, including Georgians. The only restriction provided by the RA legislation when solving housing issues is the restriction for citizens who fought or are fighting against the independence and state sovereignty of the Republic of Abkhazia, participated in hostilities, or assisted the occupation troops."


In principle, it is also possible that only those Georgians with Russian passports who agree to sell them for a pittance to Armenian settlers will also be helped to "restore the rights to houses and apartments" in Abkhazia. Regarding others, they will find “witnesses” that they or their relatives “fought against independent Abkhazia” and will refuse to restore the rights to the property.


One thing is clear - in the matter of selling real estate to Armenians with citizenship of the Russian Federation, Armenia and "Artsakh", the separatist authorities in Sukhumi will "crush" and in the near future at least 100 thousand "Russian" and "Armenian", up to 50 thousand people may move to Abkhazia. "Artsakh" Armenians. This is in addition to over 110 thousand Abkhaz Armenians actually living in Abkhazia. After that, the Abkhaz ethnos in Abkhazia, of which there really are no more than 60 thousand, having sold their land and real estate to settlers, will simply be doomed to rapid extinction and disappearance.

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