Ombudsman reports the cases of violent retaliation against opponents and the use of personal information for intimidation  

24.09.20 13:50

According to the Public Defender Nino Lomjaria, the ombudsman's office is monitoring the pre-election environment and will have an appropriate response to the violent actions.


As Lomjaria told reporters, the practice of previous years shows that no one was punished for the violent actions reported during the elections.


"The Public Defender is monitoring the pre-election environment and responds to each violent incident, as we have done in previous years. Unfortunately, there have already been cases of violent retaliation against political opponents, as well as reports of intimidation. Unfortunately, the practice of the previous years shows that practically no one is responsible for the acts of violence committed during the pre-election period. We have no victims or defendants in the cases of bribery or other instances. Unfortunately, the practice is such, but the Public Defender continues to monitor the objectivity and on-time investigation into each case and the process of bringing the individuals to justice", - Lomjaria said.


source: IPN

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