EU financed poll shows that 69% of Georgians support European Union

18.06.20 12:45

EU financed opinion poll shows that 69% of Georgians support EU while 77% think that Georgia has good relations with the European Union. The results of public polls were shared by the representation of the European Union in Georgia.


According to the report, the opinion polls were conducted between February and March 2020 through "EU NEIGHBOURS east" project. The survey is based on a sample of 1000 people and was carried out with the use of a face-to-face interview method.


"Similar surveys were also carried out five other Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Results from the six countries are presented in national reports and a consolidated regional overview report. Here below are the key findings in Georgia: 77% of Georgians feel relations with the European Union are good; 69% of people in Georgia trust the EU, the most of any international organisation while only 28% trust the Eurasian Economic Union; 49% of Georgians have a positive image of the European Union (EU). Only 7% of Georgians have a negative view of the EU; 71% of Georgians are aware of the EU’s financial support to the country, and 69% of them consider the support to be effective", - reports the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia.



source: IPN

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