Tsior, Dzhar - separatism for Avars, for the interests of Armenia

16.06.20 11:05

A very interesting “appeal” appeared recently on the yerkramas Armenian nationalist website “Society of Avars of the South Caucasus”: on discrimination in Azerbaijan and appeal to the public of Armenia and Artsakh.” (http://yerkramas.org/article/170544/%C2%ABobshhestvo-avarcev-yuzhnogo-kavkaza%C2%BB-o-diskriminacii-v-azerbajdzhane-i-obrashhenie-k-obshhestvennosti-armenii-i-arcaxa?fbclid=IwAR2ZaflK1C2XBeNYjUwh2m82nKC1vuqhY3Y1NrUmLgjmDZJNnMgGpbvQE8w).


The appeal was compiled in the best traditions of Armenian nationalist propaganda. In particular, it says that “Following a policy rooted in the Stalinist doctrine of“ Azerbaijanization ”and“ Turkization ”of indigenous peoples, the formation of the“ Azerbaijani people as a single community of Soviet Azerbaijan, ”the regime continues to severely discriminate against the Caucasian peoples - Avars and Lezghins, despite to your international obligations. ” Those. in one phrase, the initiators of the “appeal” managed to kick both Azerbaijan and Stalin.


Whoever these provocateurs consider being a model is also explicitly stated: “Armenia at the state level supports the teaching of languages of national minorities, supports their knowledge of their native language - Assyrians, Yezidis, Russians, Greeks, encourages non-governmental organizations that promote the language and culture of Ukrainians, Poles, and others ethnic minorities”.


True, it is not said that most of the ethnic minorities of Armenia will soon cease to exist under current trends and the Republic of Armenia will turn into a 100% mono-ethnic ethno-fascist state from the current 99% mono-ethnic country, fulfilling the covenants of the Nazi Garegin Nzhdeh, whose portrait is on the yerkramas website splash screen.


Few people noticed that the appearance of this appeal is the so-called The Avar Society of the South Caucasus on yerkramas coincided with the hysterical screams of the provocateur Nikoloz Mzhvanadze in Georgia about the allegedly "occupied" Hereti or Saingilo.


For those who are not in the know, the “Society of Avars of the South Caucasus” and the Mzhavanadze “Committee for the Protection of David Gareji” of the same territory also relate to the claim. Namely, the former Zakatala district - now the Belokan, Zagatala, and Gakh regions of Azerbaijan, where along with the Azerbaijanis the Georgians-Ingiloys and representatives of the Dagestan peoples, Avars and Tsakhurs coexist peacefully.


But someone does not like the peaceful life of fraternal peoples, who have long been related and mixed up with each other. Just as they did not like the peaceful coexistence of many peoples in Georgian Abkhazia. Certain forces here begin to dilute separatism, which is very insidious and seems to be “mutually exclusive,” but coordinated from one center.


For the Georgians, the Armenian agents provocatively broadcast about Hereti, forgetting to mention that actually “Hereti” is the second name of the ancient Christian state - the Albanian kingdom of Sheki. ” Or “Saingilo”, forgetting to mention that the name “Ingiloys” initially did not carry any ethnic burden and is translated as “converts” in meaning, as the Islamized Albanian Christians and Georgians were called (some of which again became Orthodox during the Russian Empire, but the self-name "Ingilo" saved).


Avars is also campaign, but taking as a basis a different, later historical period. Namely, the times of the existence of the Muslim Jarsky or Jaro-Belokan Jamaats (“free societies” or “republics”) in which the Avars played a large role. Avars call these formations "Jar" or "TsIor".


Naturally, the Armenian instigators of separatism do not at all specify how, in the case of "success" of their provocations, "Hereti" and "Sayingilo" and Avar TsIor or "Dzhar" will exist on the same territory Although it is absolutely clear who will be the main "beneficiary" from the destabilization of the region.


It is enough to look at the map published on the “official” website of the so-called “Government of Western Armenia” (claiming to be east of Turkey) in the material “Press release - The Republic of Western Armenia (Armenia) turned to the UN with a proposal to demarcate the border between the state of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan” (http://gov-wa.info/?p=3599&lang=en)


On this map, the Armenian nationalists have already “divided” the territories of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Georgian Samtskhe-Javakheti or “Javakhk” is naturally attached to “great Armenia”.


But the north-western part of Azerbaijan, adjacent to the borders of Georgia and the Russian Federation, including Zakatala, Belaken, and Gakh, is marked as "Plain Karabakh." This also includes the part of the David Gareji monastery complex located on the territory of Azerbaijan, which is so provocatively eager to “return” Nikoloz Mzhvanadze without permission to cut the border. But he does not specify to whom. And everything is visible on the map - to its Armenian “masters”.


Those. Armenian nationalists, inciting the Avars to separatism, do not intend to give them these lands at all. And they intend to take it to themselves as "plain Karabakh".


Today, there is no and cannot be any “infringement” of the rights of either Avars or Georgian-Ingiloyans in Azerbaijan. There are national schools, national culture is developing. As for the economic level of development, here the situation is one of the best in the Caucasus in general. In terms of living standards, the Avar villages of the Zakatala and Belokan districts are not comparable with the poor Avar villages in present-day Dagestan, which are rapidly emptying due to financing of the social infrastructure “according to the residual principle” and the monstrous abuses and corruption of the Russian authorities. Therefore, in recent times, even those Avars who left for the Russian Federation in the 90s and to Dagestan are striving to return to Zagatala and Belakan.


In principle, there is nothing surprising in this. Where there is no separatism, people flourish. Abkhazia also flourished when it was part of Georgia. But the Armenian provocateurs managed to foment separatism and quarrel the fraternal Georgian and Abkhaz peoples, organize a fratricidal war, as a result of which it was the Armenians who became the dominant ethnic group in Abkhazia. Apparently, they intend to organize the same plan with the help of supposedly “Georgian” and “Avar” (and actually Armenian and crypto-Armenian) provocateurs in relation to Zakatala and their environs.





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