“Amshen” - a celebration of the triumph of Armenian nationalists in Abkhazia on the bones of murdered Georgians

08.11.19 16:00

Armenian nationalists once again demonstrated how they relate to Georgia, its territorial integrity and the Georgian people. In the former Georgian village of Tavisupleba (now called Yashthua and inhabited by Armenians), located near Sukhumi, the holiday of "triumph of Armenian nationalists in Abkhazia" - "Amshen" was held. The holiday took place in a village where, in 1993, all Georgians were expelled or killed by Armenian militants.


Victims among civilians in the village of Tavisupleba was huge, in September 1993 where the militants of the battalion named after Baghramyan attacked Sukhumi. At the very place where the events of the "Amshen" holiday were held in 2019, Armenian militants in 1993 shot Georgians who did not have time to escape from the village.


It is literally a "bone-fest". Thus, the Armenian nationalists are as if hinting that what happened to the village of Tavisupleba will happen to all of Georgia. “It was your land - it will be ours!”


And in Armenia are very happy about this. So the “Sputnik Armenia” publication came out with enthusiastic material: “It was loud, tasty and fun: how “ Amshen ”was celebrated in Abkhazia - the Armenian harvest festival” (https://ru.armeniasputnik.am/video/20191107/21024029/Bylo- gromko-vkusno-i-veselo-kak-v-Abkhazii-otmetili-Amshen - armyanskiy-prazdnik-urozhaya.html).



Indeed, it is very fun for Armenian nationalists to celebrate and arrange their dancing songs, where they completely destroyed at least several hundred Georgians (out of 2 thousand Georgian people in the village of Tavisupleba).


This Armenian holiday is already written on separatist resources on social networks (https://www.facebook.com/Freeabkhazia/photos/a.435387970258890/729653800832304/?type=3&theater&ifg=1)


Separatist leaders arrived at the holiday. The vice-president of separatist Abkhazia Aslan Bartsits greeted the participants and guests of the Festival: “We know that most of the Armenians of Abkhazia come from Amshen. This wonderful holiday provides an opportunity for all residents and guests of Abkhazia to get acquainted with the culture, traditional cuisine, life and crafts of Amshen Armenians. At all times, culture has a unifying mission that fosters high moral and civic qualities. I would like to express special gratitude to the older generation, the families of the deceased, who, with honor, together with us, defended the independence of Abkhazia and today help young people continue the traditions of fathers and grandfathers. I am convinced that this holiday will be filled with new ideas from year to year, develop, demonstrating cultural diversity and interethnic harmony”.


The vice-speaker of the so-called “parliament” of separatist Abkhazia Levon Galustyan also welcomed everyone on behalf of the speaker of the so-called “People’s Assembly - Parliament of the“ Republic of Abkhazia ”Valery Kvarchiy:“ It is a great honor for every resident of the Sukhumi region to receive such distinguished and honored guests. Thank you for joining us today. The festival of culture and life of Amshen Armenians has already become a tradition. As you well know, 3 years ago, in 2016, the first Festival was held in the village of Pshap, Gulrypsh district, in the territory of which the second Amshen was held. Then, the baton was taken over by the Gagra region. Today, Amshen-2019 is happy to receive guests. I am sure that the good tradition to gather in early November will certainly continue. Our strength is in our unity! If we maintain the cohesion of the Abkhaz society, then we will be able to cope with the most difficult tasks. ”


Holding their Amshen festival throughout Abkhazia, the Armenians “claim their rights” to this Georgian land. This year, the “application” is the most arrogant and challenging, since the festival was held in the former Georgian village, which became completely Armenian. Clear symbolism and a hint of what will become with all of Georgia.




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