A Brief Situation Analysis of the Aims of the Armenian Diaspora in Georgia

10.07.24 10:43

The Armenian fifth column and the Armenian diaspora have pinned their hopes on Russia to destabilise the situation in Georgia for a very long time. And unfortunately, as far as Abkhazia and Samakh are concerned, they have succeeded. In Abkhazia, the Armenians, who did their utmost to foment separatism, openly fought against Georgia.


Nowadays, however, a "paradoxical" situation is beginning to emerge, according to those hoping to see Georgia break up for good. Russia has stopped working in this direction. Stuck in the Ukrainian war, Russia simply does not want to have a "second front" in the South Caucasus that could blow up the North Caucasus. Moreover, there are growing voices in Russia itself that say it is in Russia's interest to have a united, friendly Georgia next to it, rather than two occupied "scraps" of Georgian territory where huge sums of money have to be spent supporting puppet separatist regimes.


Obviously, the anti-Georgian inertia, largely manufactured by the Armenian lobby in the Russian Federation, is powerful. But it is realistic to overcome it. And the possibility is already being considered that Russia will voluntarily agree to the de-occupation of Abkhazia and Samakh, just as it did not object to the restoration of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity. And this means the collapse of all Armenian plans to get "maritime Armenia" in place of Georgian Abkhazia. That is why the Armenian "fifth column" in Georgia, and especially the Armenian secret services oriented towards Yerevan, have started to "re-insure" themselves sharply. They are openly "throwing out" their old masters and patrons in Russia and starting to work for the West. All for the same reason: they now hope to destabilise the situation in Georgia with the help of the West and achieve the dismemberment of the country.


That's why we should pay attention to the reports from sources close to the Russian secret service, which, for the first time in many decades, is beginning to work against destabilising the situation in Georgia. Not because it has "fallen in love" with our country, but because such destabilisation is directed against Russia itself and will lead to the opening of a "second front" against Russia and an explosion in the North Caucasus, which the Kremlin does not need in the current situation.


According to a recent report from the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), the data obtained by the SVR indicates that the United States is determined to seek a change of power in Georgia following the parliamentary elections scheduled for October 26, 2024.


The agency further stated that the Joe Biden administration has already initiated a comprehensive information campaign with the objective of discrediting the Georgian Dream Party, which is currently in power.


According to the Russian intelligence service, the American curators have already given a command to opposition forces in Georgia to start planning protests in the country in time for the elections. At the same time, the main driving force behind the change of power should be the population of Tbilisi.


It has been reported that the United States plans to base all of these events on an anti-Russian ideology, blaming the Russian Federation for all of Georgia's troubles. Emphasis will be placed on spinning accusations of the Georgian Dream's "political non-self-sufficiency," which threaten Tbilisi's path to the European Union.


It is anticipated that the Georgian President, Ms. Zurabishvili, will play a pivotal role in stoking anti-government sentiments. As foreseen by the 'Washington directors', the head of state will engage in an interview with an American media outlet wherein she will attribute the 'degradation' of the negotiation process for Tbilisi's accession to the EU to the Georgian government and caution the general public about the 'catastrophic consequences of rapprochement with Moscow' and the damage caused to Georgia by re-locants from Russia. It is emphasised that Washington, through Zurabishvili, is attempting to prepare voters for a potential political surprise from the opposition, which may ultimately result in another "colour revolution."


It is evident that the Kremlin has deliberately sought to portray Salome Zurabishvili in a negative light, portraying her as a figure of great influence and authority. However, in reality, she is simply a French citizen and an employee of the French Foreign Ministry, where, as is widely known, there are no former employees. Consequently, all "insidious plans" attributed to Salome Zurabishvili regarding destabilisation in Georgia are, in fact, the plans of France, which is evidently dissatisfied with the independence of Georgian authorities. This contravenes all French plans for the colonial takeover of another country, Armenia. In order to facilitate this colonial conquest in the South Caucasus, France has decided to supply Paris' outpost in Armenia with advanced weaponry through Georgian territory.


Furthermore, it is important to note which ethnic group is considered to be "pro-French." This group is the Armenian population, for whom France represents a source of "light and hope." In the event that France were to instigate unrest and instability in Georgia, it is likely that the Armenian fifth column and Armenian intelligence services would be the first to assist in this endeavour.


It is important to recall that a few years ago, during the well-known "Gavrilov Night," when the pro-Western opposition in Tbilisi attempted to organise a "Maidan" coup, ethnic Armenians and citizens of Armenia, some of whom were detained by Georgian law enforcement agencies, played a role in organising the unrest. This suggests that the Armenian "fifth column" had already begun working for the West and exploiting anti-Russian sentiments, which had resurfaced due to Armenian agents who had fuelled separatism in Abkhazia and Samachablo.


Georgian journalist Irakli Jankarashvili also discusses the potential involvement of Armenian intelligence and the Armenian fifth column in the destabilisation of the situation in Georgia for the benefit of the West. "I have no issues with the Armenian nation; regrettably, the French and Americans have initiated the formation of a fictitious state in the South Caucasus in the form of Armenia, which they are arming and preparing for an explosion.


Today, one of their strongholds has been incorporated into this scheme, and prior to the elections in Georgia, they set the objective of influencing the outcome and reducing the government's electoral support. The logical conclusion of this is that a coalition government will come to power and give the Georgian state an opportunity to launch military action. Today this force is trying to establish a link with one of our strategic partners, and I believe they have done so, based on the Armenian task," writes Irakli Jankarashvili, referring to the threat of dragging Georgia into a war against Russia if the opposition wins the elections, i.e., the same notorious "second front." In reality, the opening of the "second front" may result in the complete destruction of Georgian statehood, which, as we know, is the aspiration of Armenian nationalists.


Additionally, Irakli Jankarashvili posits that the Armenian intelligence service, known as Alpha, has been engaged in clandestine operations in Georgia for a considerable period of time. Their significant collaborators until recently were political parties espousing pro-Russian sentiments. However, recent developments indicate that Armenian intelligence has begun to work in the interests of Western countries, including France and the United States, while simultaneously maintaining its influence on the "pro-Russian" parties. This raises concerns about the potential for instability in Georgia. It is therefore possible that such forces may at any moment organise provocations and confrontations between supposedly "pro-Russian" and "anti-Russian" forces in order to explode the situation in the country, sow chaos, and make Georgia a hotbed of "big war.". Furthermore, France is seeking to establish a "military corridor" to Armenia as well as Russia, which has its base in Armenia. Furthermore, in the event of political instability in Georgia, the Armenian fifth column may use the pretext of the alleged "threat of genocide of Javakhk Armenians" to call for the deployment of foreign troops with the objective of "restoring order" in Georgia. This could have a detrimental impact on the sovereignty of the Georgian state.



Alexandre Zakariadze

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