MP Akubardia believes GD's anti-national steps damage Georgia's national security, defence capability

09.07.24 18:00

The only possibility to protect Georgia’s sovereignty and preserve the declared national interests of the country, including the ability to defend itself, is the victory of Georgia in the October 26 elections, the opposition MP Teona Akubardia said.


According to Akubardia, the actions of the Georgian Dream have caused significant damage to Georgia’s national security and defence capability.


“Georgian Dream’s actions against national interests and anti-Western, anti-national steps have already extremely damaged Georgia’s national security, defence capability and our army. The US decision to revise its strategic partnership with Georgia involved cancelling joint military exercises and removing aid from the US defence budget. US Senator Jeanne Shaheen openly discussed these changes, which also led to the issue of Georgia being excluded from the draft of the US Defence Authorization Act of 2025.


Based on the review of the strategic partnership, it is still unknown what fate awaits the Georgian Defence and Deterrence Enhancement Initiative (GDDEI) from the US side. The process of reviewing US military support has already led to another NATO country, Denmark, freezing military aid. Denmark has also suspended a four-year, multi-million dollar project under the NATO-Georgia Substantial Package (SNGP) to support peace and stabilization in Georgia.


In 2023, Denmark allocated GEL 27,12 million towards the preparation and fortification of Georgia’s defence and emergency aid facilities. This initiative aimed to finalize an agreement between the Danish Home Guard and the Emergency Situations Management Agency of Georgia, to provide support in enhancing the country’s resilience.


As per my parliamentary communication, it has been publicly disclosed today that the European Union has frozen the allocation of EUR 30 million designated to bolster the Georgian Defense Forces through the European Peace Mechanism. This allocation aimed to enhance the capabilities of the Georgian Defense Forces, including their military, medical, logistical, engineering, and cyber defence services, through the provision of pertinent non-lethal equipment and supplies,” the MP stated.


She went on to say that the Georgian Dream inflicted an irreparable blow on the Georgian army and defence capabilities, despite numerous warnings from NATO and EU countries not to accept the “Russian law” inspired by the Kremlin.


“Therefore, the entire responsibility for this severe damage to Georgia’s defence capability rests with Bidzina Ivanishvili, his government and the majority, who do not even dare to answer the Georgian army, why they put the country in such a difficult situation. Despite this great damage, the only possibility to protect the sovereignty of Georgia and preserve the declared national interests of the country, including the defence capability, is the victory of Georgia in the elections of October 26, which will happen only if the Georgian Dream is removed from power”, said Teona Akubardia.




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