Kakha Kaladze on the USA: Georgia cannot be someone's servant, it is impossible

08.07.24 18:00

It is obviously bad that Noble Partner 2024 has been postponed - we have repeatedly made a statement regarding the fact that the Georgian government is ready for cooperation and friendship, which should be mutual, it cannot be unilateral, and we expect further deepening of the mentioned relations. We expect that these approaches and attitudes will be changed, Georgian Dream Secretary General Kakha Kaladze, told journalists.


According to Kaladze, no one can give an example that the course of the Georgian government has changed.


"It simply does not exist in nature. This is hypocrisy, there are no arguments that Georgia's course has changed. We have repeatedly made a statement regarding the fact that you will not see and you will not be able to give any example that the Georgian government has taken undemocratic or non-European steps. Since 2012, we have made tangible progress on the path of European integration. All this was done by Georgian Dream.

We have repeatedly said and made a statement regarding the fact that Georgia cannot be someone's servant, it is impossible. Georgia is an independent, sovereign state. Our ancestors fought and shed blood for this. No one will be given the right and the opportunity to order something to the government of Georgia and take such a step, which we know from the beginning will be problematic for the state of Georgia. Also, it will be problematic for our population. We will not take such steps. We remember the calls regarding the sanctions, regarding the second front, as well as calls regarding the release of Mikheil Saakashvili, this is not the right attitude. Accordingly, it is important to deepen relations, reset and continue cooperation as usual", said Kaladze.



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