Mamuka Mdinaradze: Name one false accusation or misinformation that Georgian Dream voiced against the USA

08.07.24 15:53

According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, the executive secretary of the Georgian Dream party, the postponement of the Noble Partner 2024 by the USA for an unknown period of time is a wrong decision.


According to him, such a decision is “incomprehensible" against the backdrop of Georgia's quality of democracy, reforms, etc.


"Your new trend is to ask the party that has not made a decision to take responsibility. In my opinion, this is a wrong decision. The object of the decision and the other party will never take responsibility for the wrong decision. Why? - We are talking about restarting the relationship, normalizing it, that our main strategic partner should remove the sanction that the vast majority of Georgian citizens have in the form of visa difficulties. This is where the main strategic partnership lies. Countries with much less communication have been granted more visas since the early 2000s. For some reason, these visas have never been so open for the citizens of Georgia. We and Afghanistan have the same statistics in terms of getting a visa. Free trade, flights - that's what we're talking about, and we get the answer that "you know, we’ve canceled your exercise."


This is at least an incomprehensible decision. It is incomprehensible when such decisions are made in the background when Georgia is among the advanced countries in terms of quality of democracy, reforms, etc., for example: it is ahead of all the candidate countries of the European Union. I think that in a few months all such and similar decisions will change and it will depend on specific factors.


Name one false accusation or misinformation that Georgian Dream voiced against the USA. No deputy of Georgian Dream, no member of the government, no representative of the government has ever said that the European Union, the United States of America are bad or anything like that. We have never blamed the United States of America for the second front. Nor have we ever called the US a global war party for. Give me one example, when we called the United States of America a global war party!" - said Mdinaradze.



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