Salome Zurabishvili - France chose Europe, democracy and dignity - at a decisive moment, the choice is in the hands of the people

08.07.24 10:05

France chose Europe, democracy and its dignity! - Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili writes on her personal Facebook page.


"Macron acted on the hope of his people and the people responded to this great challenge with an unprecedented mobilization. At a decisive moment, the choice is in the hands of the people," President Zurabishvili wrote after the results of the exit polls of the parliamentary elections of France became known.


According to the exit poll, in the French parliamentary elections, the Left Alliance took the first place, the party of Emmanuel Macron took the second place, and the union of Marine Le Pen took the third place. None of the parties managed to get an absolute majority.


As is known, in the first round of the parliamentary elections, the far-right party, Marine Le Pen's National Union was in the lead with 33.2%.




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