Georgian Deputy Economy Minister: State Property Agency exceeded six-month privatisation plan by 133%

05.07.24 18:00

Georgian Deputy Economy Minister Nino Enukidze on Friday said the Ministry’s National Agency of State Property had exceeded its six-month privatisation plan by 133 percent.


She added the Agency had fulfilled the privatisation plan of the second quarter by 100.3 percent, which resulted in the transfer of ₾37.10 million ($13.29mln) to the state budget, surpassing the target of ₾37 million ($13.26mln) set for the plan.


Enukidze said 506 electronic auctions were announced during this period.


The Deputy Minister further emphasised the Agency’s commitment to continuing the accelerated privatisation of state property in the future, offering “various attractive real estate opportunities” to the private sector for investment.


Any interested individual can participate in the current online auctions without encountering bureaucratic procedures and can swiftly become the owner of a state asset”, she said.

The Ministry noted the “successful privatisation” had contributed to the state budget, mobilising more than ₾142 million ($50.90mln) in the first and second quarters. Moreover, the Agency has contributed over ₾97 million ($34.77mln) to the state budget, exceeding the planned target of ₾73 million ($26.17mln) for the six months.

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