First Vice-Speaker: For Georgia leader thinks of winning votes separately, despite affiliation with UNM 

05.07.24 17:21

“There is old UNM and there is a fake, supposedly new organization UNM,” said First Vice-Speaker Gia Volski.


According to Gia Volski, this split followed the principal standpoint of some supporters of the UNM.


“For them hysteria and unintellectual people are unacceptable. They considered that a new UNM should be established, which is still UNM and nobody doubts that. These two UNMs will attempt not to separate their format.


I don’t know what will be the role of Mikheil Saakashvili in this configuration. He is offsite. Lelo and Giorgi Gakharia (For Georgia leader) are firm affiliates of the UNM.


We deal with collective UNM where Gakharia’s team is the only one, which did not participate in criminal activities. Therefore, Gakharia thinks that he would win votes separately despite his affiliation with the UNM,” Volski said.




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