The Hungarian editorial office of ELLE, an influential fashion magazine, publishes an extensive article on Georgia's tourism potential - "Tbilisi, the Renaissance capital of the Caucasus"

05.07.24 12:40

The Hungarian editorial office of ELLE magazine, influential in the field of fashion, publishes an extensive article about the tourism potential of Georgia. Journalists of the international publication traveled to Georgia under the organization of the National Administration of Tourism and the Embassy of Georgia in Hungary.


The National Tourism Administration disseminates information about this.


According to them, the article prepared within the framework of Prestur will cover Georgian hospitality, fashion, historical districts of Tbilisi, nature, culture, museums, exhibition spaces and Georgian cuisine.


In the article, the journalist advises the reader to visit tourist places, hotels, entertainment and catering facilities.


"The scenery in the capital of Georgia changes every minute, next to the modern buildings we find the medieval streets of the old city, here are the brutal concrete buildings of the Soviet era. The same can be said about religious diversity in Georgia, which is unique in the world. Here you will find Georgian Orthodox Cathedral, Armenian, Catholic Churches, Synagogues and Mosque in one small area. It is a city of amazing harmony, at the same time disorder, which creates its own order in the world after the removal of the iron curtain, with amazing creativity in the field of fashion, gastronomy and art. The energy coming from Tbilisi offers us freedom and new opportunities, it is a fascinating city that we should explore in more depth", - wrote the journalist of ELLE.

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