Ambassador Dunnigan says “US wants nothing more than peace, prosperity, independence for Georgia” in message on Independence Day

04.07.24 11:27

Robin Dunnigan, the United States’ Ambassador to Georgia, emphasised “shared values” and “strategic partnership” between the countries in her comments on US Independence Day on Wednesday, adding her Government wanted “nothing more than peace, prosperity, and independence for Georgia”.


Speaking at a reception for the date, Dunnigan pledged the US Government would “continue to work with all Georgians” to support the country “that is open, prosperous, and able to defend itself”.  


We will support Georgia’s education system and economic growth. We will support Georgia’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant civil society”, she said.

The Ambassador also highlighted 32 years of “strategic partnership” between the countries, calling it an “incredible success story for both of our nations, benefitting Americans and Georgians”.  


Because of Georgia’s progress through decades of hard work and partnership with the US and our European partners and Allies, the people of Georgia have earned the opportunity to one day join the European Union.  I hope Georgia seizes this opportunity”, she said.
The Ambassador highlighted the “common thread of optimism and belief” in “creating a better future that unites both the American and Georgian spirit”.

The Ambassador emphasised efforts to improve democracy in the US over 248 years. She mentioned battles fought in various arenas such as political power, courts of justice, and public demonstrations to create in the US a “more perfect union”. Dunnigan also emphasised the “resilience and determination” of people in the two countries in “striving for independence and a better future”.


The path has never been easy, and the challenges have at times seemed insurmountable.  But through it all, we have never given up, and we have always come through the better for it.  The people of Georgia also have a long history of striving for their independence and for a shared dream that one day their children will inherit a more perfect world”, she said.

One hundred and six years ago, the people of Georgia came together to forge a new and independent nation. Igniting the promise that Georgia would hold sovereign power and ensure the civil and political rights of its citizens. But Georgia’s path, like America’s, has not always been easy.  Like Americans, Georgians have had to work continuously to ensure their independence”, Dunnigan said.

Reflecting on the struggles for independence, the Ambassador also paid tribute to the “resilience of the Georgian people throughout history”, honouring those who fought for the preservation of Georgian language and national identity, as well as individuals who  “bravely advocated for independence in the face of adversity”.


The Ambassador also congratulated the national football team of Georgia for their “historic showing” at the ongoing European Championships, saying the team had brought “so much joy and optimism” with their first-ever appearance at the competition.




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