The investigative service revealed the fact of deliberate tax evasion in a particularly large amount

03.07.24 11:45

As a result of investigative actions carried out by the employees of the investigative service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, criminal prosecution was initiated against one person, especially on the fact of intentional evasion of a large amount of tax. The information is distributed by the investigative service of the Ministry of Finance.


According to their reports, the investigation established that the accused, in order to receive illegal material benefits, in violation of the tax legislation, systematically declared the income of the company under his management incorrectly, in whatever way he avoided the main tax belonging to the state budget - in the amount of 1,499,116 GEL.


"The investigation is being conducted under the second part of Article 218 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. which includes imprisonment for a period of 5 to 8 years as a punishment", - it is mentioned in the information.




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