Georgia finished its first European Championship in the round of 16

01.07.24 10:20

The Georgian national football team finished their first European Championship against Spain in the round of 16.


In the first half of the match, the score was opened by the Georgian national team on a quick counterattack, Le Normand scored a goal in his own goal in the 18th minute. The first goal from the Spanish side was scored in the sixteenth minute of the match against Georgia. Spain managed to score 3 more goals in the second half of the match and finally the match ended 4:1 in favor of Spain.


As a result, Spain will meet Germany in the quarter-finals.


On June 18, the Georgian national team played its first match at the European Championship against Turkey and lost 1:3, and on June 22, the meeting with the Czech national team ended in a draw, 1:1, and won the first point at the European Championship. On June 26, the Georgian national team defeated Portugal 2:0 in the third match of the group stage.




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