Georgian delegation promotes country’s film industry at Shanghai Int’l Film Festival

21.06.24 16:00

A delegation of the Georgian National Film Centre is holding meetings with representatives of international companies to promote the country’s film industry at the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival, the Centre said on Wednesday.


The Centre said a Georgian stand was included for the first time at the Festival, showcasing the “rich heritage of Georgian cinema”, its modern films and promoting the country as an 
“important state for filmmaking”.


Paata Kalandadze, the country's Ambassador to China, highlighted the importance of the Festival and the rapidly growing Chinese market for Georgian products while visiting the delegation at the event.


The delegation, led by Koba Khubunaia, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, includes Georgian directors and producers who are presenting and promoting the country’s film industry at a number of meetings with representatives of production companies, while also conducting talks for joint productions and development of national film production.

A meeting was held with the founder and General Director of Beijing Goobird Technology to discuss placement of Georgian short films on the streaming platform Hi-Video and purchasing of full-length films, with the parties also reviewing Georgian films at the festival.


The international sales manager of Lian Ray Pictures, a film production company, also met with the delegation, expressing his desire to distribute Georgian films in China and purchase full-length films.


Georgian representatives also held meetings with Byeong-Jun Kim, the assistant producer of the South Korean content and creative company MooAm, who expressed her desire to create co-production and Georgian adaptations of Korean scenarios and to introduce Korean reality shows in Georgia.


The delegation also held meetings with Michael Liu and Wei He, partners of the Highlands Law Firm, who it said were interested in shooting films in Georgia, creating joint productions and buying modern Georgian films.


Chandra Jha, the founder and General Director of the Indian company Mountain river Films, discussed with his Georgian counterparts import of Georgian films to India, financing of the country’s projects from the Indian Film Fund and presentation of Georgian films at Indian festivals.


A meeting with Talantbek Tolobekov, the Director of Kyrgyztasmasy State Film Center, discussed presentation of modern Georgian films in Kyrgyzstan, with Tolobekov expressing his desire to create joint productions.


The delegation also met with Kyoko Dan, a Japanese film producer, to review ties between the two countries in the film industry, distribution of Georgian films and holding of the Georgian film festival in Japan.


A meeting with Anyu Wang, a representative of the Shanghai Film Group Corporation  animation company, discussed creation of Georgian-Chinese animations.


Founded in October 1993, the Festival is the largest such event in Asia, with this year’s edition featuring film associations and companies from 64 countries. The event is the only Chinese festival accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.




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