People's Power: If until now the new US ambassador more or less had tried to make political maneuvers and did not touch on topics that directly affect the sovereignty and independence of our country, this time she crossed the red line

20.06.24 11:50

People's Power calls the statements made by the US ambassador to Georgia, Robin Dunnigan, during an interview with InterPressNews "extremely insulting" to the Georgian people and says that the ambassador crossed the "red line".


The statement issued by People's Power talks about the ambassador's statement about Georgia's relations with China and asks why the US deepens economic relations with China every year if China is financing Russia, and Russia is currently waging a war in Ukraine.


"Yesterday, our "strategic friend", the US ambassador to Georgia, Mrs. Robin Dunnigan, made the first harsh and extremely insulting statements towards the Georgian people, which, of course, we cannot leave unanswered. If until now the new ambassador more or less tried to make political maneuvers and did not touch on topics that directly affect the sovereignty and independence of our country, this time she crossed this red line. This is both understandable and expected, because in the conditions when the US administration is conducting an inadequate, oppressive and insulting policy towards our country, no one would allow Ambassador Dunnigan to avoid aggravating relations with the government by taking a relatively neutral position.


The ambassador complained about the recently deepened trade and economic relations with China, and she also gave the reason - China finances Russia, Russia is the occupier of your country's territories, and I don't understand why you should deepen economic ties with the ruling party of the country that finances the occupier of Georgia... “excellent” logic, but it is impossible to follow this logic, because there are so many natural barriers that it is impossible that this statement of Dunnigan not to lead us to the dead end.


First, we would like to ask Robin Dunnigan a simple question - if China is funding Russia, and Russia is currently waging a war in Ukraine and occupying its territories - why does the US deepen economic relations with China every year?


If relations with China are dangerous and threatening, why does the European Union establish and deepen its own economic and political contacts, and why do the EU countries do the same independently, outside the union?


Here's how US-European trade relations with China looked in numbers in 2023: US-China annual trade turnover - $575 billion, and from 2017 to the present, the volume of Chinese investments in the US economy exceeds $35 billion per year on average. The trade turnover of the European Union with China is 860 billion dollars.


Why do you think that deepening relations with China will bring good things to the US and the EU, while it is dangerous for us? The fact is that for a long time you have been looking at our country as a non-existent state, and you have a misconception about the Georgian people, as if they cannot distinguish between good and evil, but fortunately this is not the case.


Over the past 30 years, Georgian society has learned well to distinguish between good and bad, useful and harmful for the country, and when you tell us that you will trade with China, but we have no right to do so, we will act as it suits our country and its development. The only country that will be seriously damaged if Georgia breaks economic relations with China is Georgia itself. Trade with Georgia, or vice versa - the complete severing of economic relations means nothing to China and cannot affect its economy in the slightest, but it is of crucial importance for Georgia. Let us remind you that in the same rude manner, right after the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, you asked us to impose sanctions on Russia and cut off all economic and trade contacts, but we did not do it. The reason was simple - with this foolish step, we would not reduce anything to Russia, and we would really impose the "heaviest sanctions" on the economy of our country and the Georgian people with our own hands, the consequences of which would have had a heavy impact on the lives of our people for tens of years.


It is an illusion and a mockery of the Georgian people when you constantly mention the 6 billion aid, which, as turns out, you have provided to the Georgian people for 30 years. First of all, the American aid coming to Georgia, which we counted, is not 6, but about 4 billion dollars over 30 years. And secondly, a large part of this money, unfortunately, was spent in Georgia by the hands of the NGOs financed by you to bring your favorite party - National Movement - to power, and then for its continuous support. And thirdly - today these funds are used mainly by those NGOs who are engaged in subversive activities for our homeland”, reads the statement.


According to the statement, the Ambassador’s attitude makes it clear that the only goal is to disrupt the Anaklia project and cancel the construction of the port.


“Don't be surprised or worried if we do for the good of our country what you are doing for the better tomorrow of your country. And since you make us believe in words that you are our friends, while in deeds we see the complete opposite, we reserve the right to decide for ourselves how to lead the tomorrow of our country and as a political force accountable to people, we will do everything to strengthen the sovereignty of our country and improve the economic situation", reads the statement.





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