A team of wounded soldiers of the Ministry of Defense returned from Scotland with medals

18.06.24 18:00

The wounded and injured military team of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia returned to their homeland after a successful competition in Scotland. Georgian military para-athletes won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in marching on difficult terrain. Deputy Minister of Defense Paata Patiashvili congratulated the military for their successful competition and wished them success. The military para-athletes had to cover a distance of 88 kilometers in 24 hours.


In addition to Georgians, servicemen, veterans and civilians from Great Britain, America, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Ukraine took part in the sports competition.

The sports event, under the auspices of the Allied Forces Foundation, was held in the city of Perzir. Such events are aimed at increasing the self-esteem of para-athletes and provide an opportunity to share experiences. Caring for wounded soldiers is one of the priorities of the Georgian Defense Agency.


The Ministry supports their physical and psychological rehabilitation process, implementation of sports activities, involvement in local and international sports events.


The press service of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia disseminates the information.

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