An Armenian who feels like a "Russian officer".... Why was Colonel Gasparyan released before Putin?

17.06.24 13:49

The dissemination of Kremlin propaganda is intended to convey explicit messages to both the Russian and international public. Upon analysis of these messages, it becomes evident that they are, in fact, highly alarming.


It seems likely that the Kremlin is preparing for war in the South Caucasus. This appears to be in the interests of "correct pro-Russian Armenians" against "traitors led by Pashinyan." It is evident that the Kremlin is encouraging its allies.


It is beyond doubt that the outbreak of war or "special military operation" will have a detrimental impact on Georgia. Therefore, it is imperative to analyse the Kremlin's "propaganda message," which was disseminated during the meeting between Vladimir Putin and the participants of the "Time of Heroes" programme.


The "Time of Heroes" programme is designed to educate managers who have participated in the war against Ukraine (in the terminology of Kremlin propaganda, "special military operation") for subsequent promotion to senior positions in the system of state administration. The training lasts for two years. The programme consists of four modules of 30 days each and three internships. In essence, it is a programme designed to train a "managerial elite" loyal to the Kremlin.


During Vladimir Putin's meeting with the participants of the programme, which was broadcast to the whole country and was intended to have a propaganda effect, Colonel Andranik Gasparyan stood up. He recounted his participation in the war against Ukraine near Kherson and the main point of his speech was that "I am an Armenian, but nothing prevented me from feeling like a Russian officer at the front." Colonel Andranik Gasparyan, at the meeting with Putin, accurately recorded that the speech of the "supreme commander-in-chief" about the valiant Russian people, delivered in March 2022, inspired the combatants at the front.


It is noteworthy that Andranik Gasparyan has indicated that he was born in Leninakan. As you are aware, the city no longer exists on the map. However, there is the city of Gyumri, where the 102nd military base of the Russian Federation is stationed. The government of Nikol Pashinyan has expressed a desire to remove this base from the Republic of Armenia as soon as possible.


The intention behind Colonel Gasparyan's speech to Putin was to disseminate a particular message. Such individuals, who are of Armenian and Russian descent, should be permitted to return to their native city of Leninakan-Gyumri. Furthermore, the "traitor" Nikol Pashinyan, who is against the Russian Federation, should be removed from Armenia. Andranik Gasparyan was bestowed with the title of "Hero of the Russian Federation" in recognition of his actions in Ukraine. He informed Putin of the "combat feats" of his unit, in particular the resilience of the tank in the face of a Javelin hit, and in particular detailed the feat performed by his tank company commander Anton Strakhov. It is evident to whom such propaganda is directed. The Russian insurance policy, which is under the command of such "heroes" as "Armenian and Russian officer" Gasparyan, will proceed to Leninakan-Gyumri. This will likely occur through Georgia.


It is not coincidental that such propaganda stories on Russian television coincided with the attempts of Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, overseen by the Kremlin, to "shake up and dislodge" the authorities in the Republic of Armenia. However, the Kremlin and the FSB have a history of poor performance in "Maidans". The Russian Federation has a much more extensive background in military invasions. Furthermore, the justification for this action is purportedly to return the status of "outpost of the Russian Federation" to Armenia. The Kremlin propaganda has already commenced in this regard.


Varden Tsulukidze

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