Opposition party MP threatens police officers with dismissal after elections

13.06.24 15:00

Gubaz Sanikidze, an MP for the opposition United National Movement party, on Wednesday threatened police officers with dismissal and property seizure under a new government that he said would be formed by the domestic opposition following their victory in the parliamentary elections scheduled for October 26.


In his remarks, Sanikidze referred to law enforcement in the country as “Sonderpolizei”, in reference to the Nazi special units.


There will be a large-scale police reform. It has turned out that the police reform was not complete and good. The police are distinguished by its political bias. Major reforms are waiting for you. Probably, the officer corps - the upper and middle segments - will be dismissed from the service”, he said.

The politician added the new government would conduct “thorough investigations” into the origins of police officers' properties, with any undocumented assets to be “seized”.




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