MP Dekanoidze stresses importance of fair elections

06.06.24 17:10

Fair elections should be held in Georgia, and the government should change through elections. I will not consider any other scenario, Khatia Dekanoidze, an opposition MP, stated.


She highlighted the opposition’s commitment to respecting the will of the Georgian people at the ballot box.


“Fair elections are essential for Georgia, and changing the government through democratic means is our steadfast goal. We are committed to ensuring that the will of the Georgian people is reflected accurately in the electoral process, allowing individuals to freely choose the party they believe best represents their interests.


Our primary focus is on reaching the elections with minimal disruption to the lives of Georgian citizens and ensuring that their voices are heard. It is crucial for the government, particularly the Georgian Dream party and its leader, Ivanishvili, to prioritize the interests of the Georgian people.


The citizens of Georgia have spoken clearly: they desire democracy, European integration, prosperity, and peace, rejecting any form of violence or chaos imposed by Ivanishvili,” she added.




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