UNM Chair says GD MPs fail to realize problems they face

28.05.24 14:15

“You have been in the government for 12 years and had to care about people. However, you will be remembered as the creator of the law that distanced Georgia from the EU and destroyed the future of youngsters. You should realize the responsibility that you will bear before history,” said Levan Khabeishvili, Chair of the opposition United National Movement (UNM) party.


According to Khabeishvili, “frankly speaking,” he would not be glad if any Georgian Dream lawmaker faced sanctions. However, the GD’s latest moves prompted strategic partners to impose sanctions.


“I would be glad if you do not override the veto and if this law is not passed, and people decide in 5 months what to do with the law, but you want to adopt the law with intimidation, violence, menacing,” he said.


Levan Khabeishvili believes the Kremlin instructed the GD to adopt the Transparency law and crossed all red lines. He said by attacking the US, which is Georgia’s strategic partner, the ruling team forgets that the U.S. is the guarantor of Georgia’s sovereignty and non-recognition policy toward occupied regions.


“The main adversary, Putin, is eager to make Georgia a Russian administrative unit, and you contribute to it by adopting the Russian law and rejecting the EU. You will inflict billions of financial damage on Georgian citizens. You could bear sanctions, but ask Georgian citizens if they withstand the economic blockade. Georgian economy will collapse. Look inside your hearts! Do not sacrifice the future of Georgian citizens! The outcomes will be visible soon both for Georgian citizens and you,” he said.




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