French car rental company to offer services at Georgia’s western Kutaisi Airport

23.05.24 16:02

Europcar, a French car rental company, will offer passengers at western Georgia’s Kutaisi International Airport a fleet of “premium cars” starting in June, the United Airports of Georgia said on Thursday.


The body said the company’s offerings would include “latest sedans and off-road vehicles from various brands and models”, while General Director Irakli Karkashadze added the launch of the service highlighted the “high level of interest and competitiveness” of the Airport.


We are constantly working to offer passengers a variety of services at Kutaisi Airport, and promote both the introduction of international brands and presentation of Georgian companies as much as possible”, he added.

Europcar Georgia will offer daily rental, operational leasing and transportation services, including a wide selection of electric cars. Its office will be located in the departure hall of the Airport, where passengers can book cars on the spot or through the company's website. 




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