Mikheil Saakashvili: The peace that the government wants is in the graveyard: killing Georgia and such pacification - we are ready for any concession: neutral number, common list!

22.05.24 15:25

Unity is key now. I despair when they start talking about party differences again. Friends, when are there party differences? We are losing the country, Georgia is dying, Georgia will no longer be on the world map, who will remember your parties and your programs? - The third President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, announced this at today's trial.


He called on the political spectrum and the society to be united and active.


"Today, more than ever, we need to forget all differences, all grievances. I want to say to the people who always voted for Ivanishvili - the sheep are going straight to the abyss, separate from this flock, don't be sheep, let's all think together about how you see the future of Georgia, development for you and your children. Think about yourself, if you don't think about the country, but I am sure you think about the country and love the country. When we did not have unity, Shevardnadze was forced to bring the country into the CIS, then Russia was not strong enough to swallow us completely. "Here, it will swallow us up," Saakashvili said.


He noted that now is the time to make any concessions, including, according to Saakashvili, a common list and a neutral election number.


"My call is for unity. We are ready to make any concessions: neutral number, common list. We should all make Georgia's voice heard to the whole world because the world looks at Georgia with admiration. The more active we are, the more support we will have," Saakashvili said.


According to him, a united and strong force is what makes the government to take steps.


"They told us that the country should be calmed down. Appeasing the country is the new definition of dictatorship. Peace, as they wish, is in the cemetery. They want to kill Georgia and this kind of appeasement. Bandits have taken over the country and they intend, as they say, to "pacify the country", i.e. to cut the throat of Georgia and each of its residents, to block all roads to the future," Saakashvili said.




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